Being you: Going through hard times?


EmotionswheelWhen you go through hard times and overcome that period with trust and techniques then not only you reach to a much-desired state of your life but also feel empowered. You emerge like a winner and courageous than ever. You feel like you have dodged all the negative markers shadowing your life and have become the master of your life.

Aren’t there times when you feel low on your emotional scale and it seems impossible to gather even an ounce of strength to face the world?

Learning to move up the emotional scale is not only about trying new tips and techniques but accepting it as a lifestyle. The sooner you adopt, the better are the chances to lead a harmonious and happy life.

On this journey from being a failure to a survivor and then to a role model, you will keep on moving towards your true desires. You will get to know that you are much more than you have ever thought about yourself. This path will also teach you that your self-worth is far more important than what your circumstances tell other about you.

It’s not the time to grieve over what you have lost or to blame those who hurt you. It’s not the time to give explanations to anybody. It’s not the time to think Why this happened and Why me.

It’s the time to kill your inner demons and awaken yourself; to stand up for yourself.

If you are standing alone watching people leave you, it must be for a good reason that the person has quit your circle. Ask yourself few questions before you grieve over your loneliness. Have you ever loved yourself the way you feel for others? Have you ever given yourself any priority above others? Do you ever feel you are the most lovable creature on this planet earth?


If not, then don’t expect others to shower love on you when you don’t do that for yourself.

You are what you think you are. If you think you are a failure then you are a failure and why should somebody love you for that!

If you have made a display of yourself to gain pity and sympathy of the world then do you really think you will be able to sustain any relationship you commit yourself to? Come out of your cocoon and spread your wings like a free bird that has no limits.

If you are going through a bad relationship, know that you can’t force people to love you the way you love them. You can’t force loyalty out of them in order to retain the purity of your accord. It may seem hard to realize, but this is the truth and you need to remember it while moving on.

If it’s broken, let it stay broken.
Don’t ever lose yourself trying to fix or
mend it.

Some people walk into your life on the premise of filling the emptiness within you but in reality, play with your emotions. But your little nasty head forces you to think about giving them more chances, more space, more time and more support. What if I tell you that you have already given them ample chances to correct themselves. And If you’re still being cheated on, it’s time to move on

You need not pause your happiness
for those
Who can’t pause for you even
for a while

You deserve more than that. If one chapter of your book closes not according to your wishes, focus on others. Your future holds the key to the answers to the questions being posed by your present.

Whenever you feel life hasn’t given you enough, remember there are many successful people out there who emerged victorious by defeating all the odds the world had to offer.

Do you know who Albert Einstein was? Of course, you know the famous scientist. But did you know he couldn’t even speak until the age of four and read until he was seven.?

Do you know J.K. Rowling, the bestselling author of the Harry Potter series? She was rejected by atleast 12 publishers for the same work which later brought her fame and recognition all over the globe.

And how can you forget Thomas Edison who made more than 1000 attempts at making his first bulb? He even got fired from his first two jobs.

Do their inspirational stories ring any bell to you? Had they had succumbed to their failures and dived into depression in the wake of their early shortcomings then probably you wouldn’t be reading their names in this column. Despite failures, they found success and so can you. The world needs you as we all needed them.


Just let go all the demoralising feelings which make your world grey. Imbibe these 8 points in your lifestyle and trust that everything is going to be Ok.

Raise your Emotional Scale and become the Lone Authorised Signatory of your life. Here is how.

1. Like things in your life, people are temporary too: Not everyone will stay forever. People come and go to teach you something.

2. Don’t try to change people or events:
Don’t go on a mission to set whatever seems wrong. There is some good in everything. Find at least one beautiful thing even if everything looks ugly.

3. Unclutter your life: Crop all the unnecessary things and unwanted people from your life.

4. Connect with your inner self: Your day must start and end with meditation and appreciation.

5. Think, speak and act only positive: Whatever you think, you will get. You must focus only on good feeling and thoughts. That’s the mantra for becoming successful.

6. Prioritise yourself: It should be you first and them later: Learn to give respect and love to every part of your body, mind, and your intelligence system. Reach out to others only when you feel you are content and happy with yourself, else you will only spoil the relation.

7. Don’t settle for misery: You are born to do great things in life. There is no time to settle for what you do not want. Dream big to Achieve big.

8. Let go: There is no need to find why and how of everything. Let go if you can’t understand few things. Leave them to the mysteries of the universe and trust that when the suitable time comes you will surely get all your answers.

Depression-treatmentYashica Jalhotra is engulfed with grief as the brother of her best friend’s fiancée has broken up his engagement. While this was so, her emotional scale has gone down and she is looking for a guide to raise it up.

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