Baby, you can drive my shiva linga


A car designer’s unique obsession with vehicles may have you witness a condom bike race soon, says Nishita Jha

NOW IF you were the sort that frequently needed getaway vehicles, K Sudhakar’s passion for turning everyday objects into cars would seem nothing short of philanthropic. For the rest of us, a visit to Sudha Car Museum (do spare a nod for the forced pun) in Bahadurgarh, Hyderabad, is like a trip to the imaginarium. Everything — from brinjals, commodes, helmets to shiva lingas — has been outfitted to cruise the streets in. A less wise man may wonder why, but not Sudhakar (famous in the Limca World Records circles as the man who built the world’s largest tricycle and, recently, the world’s smallest bike). “I make crazy cars because I am crazy about cars.” Sudhakar was recently seen promoting the ultimate love machine — a car shaped as a giant condom — to promote AIDS awareness in Hyderabad. He also plans to launch the Mini Condom Bike Race. “I want to make a park full of life-sized mechanical animals. I have already prepared the prototype for an elephant and a wild boar,” says Sudhakar. Optimus Prime, anyone?



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