Attend rebel Swaraj Samwad by rebels at your own peril : AAP to partymen

Prasant Bhushan

In an attempt to discuss the future course of action, the ousted leaders from National Executive (NE) -Prasant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav will hold a ‘Swaraj Samwad’ convention. The AAP’s rebel camp of the duo will hold the meeting despite the party has warned action against those attending the event.

Alarming against those who attend the event, AAP leader Sanjay Singh said the party would take a call on the future of the leaders who attend the meet.

“This meeting has got nothing to do with the party. An impression is being made through this that the party has deviated from its ideal path. This is incorrect and is being done just to malign the party. The political affairs committee and the national executive will decide what action to take against those who are organising the meeting,” he said.

Meanwhile, AAP members will hold a meeting to discuss on the matter. “The AAP will keep a watch on Tuesday’s meeting… We will hold a Political Affairs Committee meet and a NE meet to decide what is to be done,” Sanjay said.

Lashing out at Yadav and Bhushan, Sanjay said the two leaders are sending wrong message about the AAP to the nation and the ‘Swaraj Samvad’ meet is an unauthorized event. Sanjay added, “The way in which preparations are going on it clearly indicates that instead of raising an anti-party voice within the party, they are setting up an open stage and sending out a wrong message to the nation about the party.”


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