ATS questions Pune girl for connections with ISIS


ISISThe Anti-Terrorism Squad has questioned a 16-year-old Muslim girl from Pune who has reportedly been radicalised by contacts within the ISIS abroad and has been brain-washed to go to Syria. The girl has now been sent to a de-radicalisation program.

The girl in question studies in a city college and has attained secondary education till class 11. The squad monitored her for a several days, after which they confirmed her initiation into ISIS and later began interrogating her.

A Squad officer Bhanupratap Barge told PTI that it came to light through interrogation, that the girl was ready to go to any extent to carry out ISIS’s directives.

She is currently undergoing a de-radicalisation process, along with the support of her family and community religious leaders.

According to the Anti-terrorism squad, the girl had been attracted by ISIS’s ideology after watching a documentary and regularly monitoring news on Al Jazeera. Later, she began using the internet to get in touch with ISIS contacts, and successfully managed to get in touch with 200 like minded youngsters from various countries.

The squad officer went on to say that the girl in question had recently been initiated in to the radicalisation process. He said that her family was also noticing changes in her and felt disturbed by it.

He also said that the de-radicalising program by the squad will hopefully help her positively.