At times, even the President too could go wrong: Uttarakhand HC



Judges who are deciding the President’s rule in Uttarakhand case, said that “even President Pranab Mukherjee can go wrong at times”. Each and every decision has an impact 10 years to 20 years down the line. So it has be given carefully, they added.

Getting a rap on its knuckles, the central government was told by the Uttarakhand High Court that by imposing President’s rule it was in effect taking away the powers of an elected government and introducing chaos.

The court was referring to the precedent that could be set if President’s Rule is unfairly invoked in states where the opposition is in power.

While hearing arguments on the petition filed by ousted CM Harish Rawat, the bench of chief justice KM Joseph and justice VK Bist said the President’s rule could have been applied in rare cases only. And it would do good to remember that the governor of the state has not recommended imposition of Article 356.