Asthma brings financial burden along with breathlessness


155782966__1_.0On the occasion of World Asthma Day on May 2, World Health Organization (WHO) has released a survey of air pollution in 1600 cities of the world. It has also made a list of more than 25 most polluted cities, 13 of which are in India, clearly indicating India is at the top of the list of most polluted countries of the world.

According to the latest market data on the sale of antibiotics for asthma, it’s been found that there is around 43 percent increase in the sale of antibiotics.

Families of asthmatic patients huge financial burden due to costly inhalers and medicines, said the head of Pulmonary medicine department, Primus Hospital.

“The asthmatic patients and their families are facing the economic burden of costly antibiotics, inhalers and steroids,” said Dr S K Chabbra, Head of Pulmonary medicine department, Primus Hospital.

“According to the recent study which I conducted in the hospital, nearly 15 percent of the total visiting patients come for the treatment of respiratory problems, the majority of whom are children,” he added.

Asthma can attack any age group but in most of the cases, it starts in the childhood. It is the disease in which patients suffers from breathlessness and wheezing, which, if not treated may increase with time.

According to the latest data released by the WHO, one in four children below five years of age dies due to poor air quality and unhealthy environments. Each year environmental risks such as indoor and outdoor air pollution, lack of sanitation, inadequate hygiene, unsafe water, smoke take lives of 1.7 million children.