As MCD crisis enters day 13, workers to take call on future after HC verdict



MCD workers on strike in Delhi
MCD workers on strike in Delhi

Over 1,50000 sanitation ( safai karamcharis) workers of Delhi will take a decision whether to continue with their already 13 day long strike. “Just by disbursing Rs 500 crore nothing will change,” says Niranjan Birla, worker in central zone. Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal had released the sum after raging anger by residents over the dirt on the streets of the capital.

After hearing the HC verdict today the workers will decide upon their future course of action. ” we ate the oneswho keep Delhi shining and successive governments have done nothing but eat our salaries,” say Susheela lohiri a worker.

The workers have not been paid for four months now. With one months salary being released last week.

“Our Rs 7000 salaries are not enough to survive as we have to pay off our pending bills. Many of our children have been forced to discontinue theirstudies in private schools and tutions but it is assumed that this token salary will solve the problem,” says niranjan.

Besides the salaries the workers are demanding arrears of the year 2003-2004 to be paid and jobs to be made permanent. “We are working since so many years on a temporary job. How unfair is it?” asks Susheela.