AP Assembly passes two Bills; adjourned sine die

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

Hyderabad, Feb 13 (PTI): Amid slogan shouting by TRS and other members from Telangana region in support of separate state demand, the Andhra Pradesh Assembly today passed two Bills before being adjourned sine die.

The TRS members stood in the Well of the House as the day began and raised slogans in support of separate Telangana demand.

As his appeals to members to resume their seats went unheeded, Speaker N Manohar adjourned the House for an hour.

It was the same scene after the House re-assembled.

Amid the din, Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy moved the ‘Andhra Pradesh Appropriation (vote-on-account) Bill, 2014’ and the ‘Andhra Pradesh Appropriation Bill, 2014 (L.A. Bill No.2 of 2014)’, which were passed.

The Speaker then adjourned the House sine die.

Today was the last day of the brief session convened from last Monday for passing the vote-on-account budget. The session witnessed several disruptions over the state bifurcation issue.


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