Angry over their IBL contract termination,Sporty Solutionz drag BAI to court



·         Sporty Solutionz counsels will respond legally on the termination of the Indian Badminton League agreement

·         BAI’s act autocratic, arbitrary, unlawful, unwarranted and against the interest of players and the sport

·         Sporty Solutionz apologizes to player, badminton fraternity and fans for this unavoidable stance

·         Sporty Solutionz still open to amicably resolve the issue under the terms of the IBL Agreement

This is with reference to the reports appeared in a section of media that the Badminton Association of India (BAI) has terminated the Agreement with the promoters of Indian Badminton League (IBL). Sporty Solutionz Pvt Limited (SSPL), commercial rights holders and promoters of IBL as their first reaction will like to maintain that this act of the BAI is unlawful, unwarranted and against the very basics of the Indian Badminton League Agreement, which the BAI and the Maharashtra Badminton Association have signed with the promoters of IBL (SSPL) for a period of 10 years.

SSPL legal counsels are studying the case and will respond with an appropriate legal action against BAI and the Maharashtra Badminton Association. However, in the best interest of IBL, players and sports lovers SSPL is open to dialogue for an amicable resolution of the issue.

SSPL is also open for a debate / discussion on any platform. SSPL will also like to mention categorically that BAI’s demand for Rs 500,000,000 (rupees fifty crore) Bank Guarantee itself was against the IBL Agreement, signed for a period of 10 years between SSPL, BAI and Maharashtra Badminton Association. SSPL has fulfilled all its duties and honored all its commitments diligently. SSPL categorically states that there have been no defaults on its part.

In spite of that, post discussion a sum of Rupees fifteen crores was agreed as the Bank Guarantee. This was captured in SSPL’s last communication to the BAI on March 10, 2015.  Response from BAI was awaited on this.

It is worth mentioning, that on three occasions BAI has agreed on a window for IBL Season 2 and back-tracked on their words. On each occasion SSPL had set the ball rolling. Engaged international players, incurred expenses on operations and bookings.

The onus of payment to the players, like in all leagues, rests with the franchisees.  It’s the franchisees who enter into “employment” agreements with the players. However, in any inadequacies from franchisee and partners, SPPL has come forward and resolved the situation. We are in receipt of acknowledgements from these players that all their accounts are duly settled.

SSPL is deeply pained on the recent unwarranted developments. As a responsible partner of the IBL, SSPL apologizes to the players, fans and all stake holders. SSPL reiterates its commitment that the most successful badminton league worldwide will be in action soon.

We have full faith in the law of the land and we are optimistic that under our legitimate rights we shall soon be sharing a lot of positives about the league.


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