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George Nolfi


Matt Damon, Emily Blunt

The Plot
The Japanese make films about the end of the world, the Americans about creepy people in uniforms who actually run the world. In this adaptation of a Philip K Dick short story, a politician (Matt Damon) finds out about the Plan and the ‘caseworkers’ who enforce the Plan for the ‘Chairman upstairs’.

BY Nisha Susan

+ 10 For Casting Matt Damon As Congressman David Norris. When he finds out that he can’t be with that mysterious girl he likes because it will cause a hole in the space-time continuum (or something), you know there is going to be a lot of running. When caseworker Richardson (John Slattery) tells him, “You can’t get away, David”, you know Jason, oops, David is going to run like the wind.

+ 5 For Having A Congressman/Investment Banker Commute By Bus for three years. This is the kind of detail that makes science fiction imaginative.

-10 For Having A Chairman And A Plan Only For Western Civilisation. (We let you go and you gave us the Dark Ages, the Cuban Missile crisis, blah, blah.) What? The chairman’s never heard of multinational enterprises? Or is it that the scriptwriter’s schoolchild version of Judeo-Christianity/ Intelligent Design skipped a few continents?

+ 5 For Lovely Nomenclature. Just as we were commenting that the two lead enforcers looked like the idiot Thomson twins from Tintin, arrived a senior enforcer Thompson.

– 5 For Making Breaking Into The House Of God, Cough, We Mean The Chairman, Look So Easy. But wait, the Salahis gatecrashed a White House party. And they were not motivated by true love, only reality television. Let’s give this couple plus eight points.

+ 10 For Not Having The Heartbreaking Poignance Of The Truman Show that made us weep buckets each time Truman found out a little bit of the truth. Now we are done. No crying for the loss of David’s silly girlfriend (Blunt).

+ 3 For Making Emily Blunt Stay With The Plan that 2011 will feature movie after movie in which characters are moved tremendously by moderately bad dancing.

+ 10 For Having A Chase Sequencewith the girl in a dress inappropriate for chase sequences. It is a cinematic tradition we would hate to see end.

+ 5 For A Script That Makes Each Member Of The Audience Feel Like The Chairman — able to predict everything that will ever happen.

Nisha Susan is an Assistant Editor with Tehelka


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