How to ‘Find my phone’ using Google: Android users can now locate their lost handsets


google-find-my-phoneOn Thursday, Google announced a new feature that would allow Android users to find their phone by simply querying ‘Find my phone’ in Google. The option to give the phone a ring is also available.

However, the owner will not be able to lock or disable the phone indirectly. This will have to be done through the Android Device Manager. This feature will be at the owner’s disposal so long as the user is logged into their Android account.

In a Google+ post, the company said “We’ve all been there – you’ve searched under your car seat, tossed around the sofa cushions and you still can’t find your phone.”

“If you know where your computer is, you can now ask Google to find your Android phone from your desktop. If the pesky phone is hiding nearby, Google can ring it for you – or you can see it on the map if you, say, forgot it at the bar.”


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