An athlete attempts suicide at SAI centre, Kerala




In yet another shocking incident, a teenage SAI athlete, tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrist. He was taken to the hospital, from where he slipped away, police said. According to the police, the 18-year old athlete was brought to the casualty of the state-run Medical College hospital, in the early hours.  The doctors, after putting three stitches, referred the athlete to the psychiatry wing. But the police is looking for the athlete, who according to them, has slipped away.

The athlete is reported to be out of danger. The athlete went away without waiting for further medical advice from the psychiatry department. According to media reports, the immediate provocation for the young athlete, who is training to be a short distance runner, could be a theft that was reported in their hostel and a few inmates were questioned by authorities.

Lately, Sports Authority of India (SAI) was in the news in the state, after four women athletes consumed a poisonous fruit last month, at the SAI Water Sports centre, in Alappuzha. While one athlete died the next day, the lives of the other three were saved.


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