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Chemmanur’s interest to help the needy also extends to the field of education. By providing full scholarship and other financial aids to aspiring students, he aims to encourage them. His help also extends to teachers. “I feel it is necessary to understand and appreciate the pivotal role played by the teachers in shaping the future of the nation,” says Chemmanur. His trust also rewards best teachers with various cash prizes and awards.

Advocating a balance in academics and extra curriculars, Chemmanur promotes sports and games like football, badminton, cricket, basketball and tennis and provides financial assistance to young footballers. Keeping in mind the state’s enthusiasm and love for football, Chemmanur is also looking into the proposal to start a world class football club in Kerala. “One must recognise sport is integral to the overall development of one’s personality,” he points out. In his free time, Chemmanur is known to try his hand at a variety of sport — shooting, kung fu, arm wrestling, etc. He even owns football and a cricket team under the banner of Boby Chemmanur International.

In October 2012, Chemmanur invited the football legend Diego Maradona to inaugrate Chemmanur International Group’s Kannur showroom and Boby Chemmnaur’s Airlines. “In collaboration with the legend Maradona, we are planning to start homes for the poor all over the world named Boby and Maradona Charity Homes,” Chemmanur tells Tehelka. “The journey has begun with the financial assistance we are providing to hundreds of poor people in Malaysia.”

chemmannur2Healthcare is another field that interests Boby who has established Chemmanur Blood Donation forum which helps lakhs of patients during emergencies. He also created the world’s largest blood bank known as ‘Boby Friends Blood Bank’ by hosting a marathon. The 812 kilometer run started from Kasargod in north Kerala on 12 March, 2014 and ended at Thiruvananthapuram on 23 April with the message ‘Give Blood, Save lives’. His future plans to raise awareness about blood donations, include a run between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and in the USA. Lifevision Charitable Trust also provides free ambulance service which has over the years played a pivotal role in saving the lives of many in Kerala. Organising medical campuses across the nation, especially in rural areas is also part of its services. To boost eye donations, Chemmanur has signed an agreement to donate his eyes. “I hope this pledge encourages others to undertake the noble act of giving sight to the blind,” he says.

For all his service, Chemmanur has been conferred with the prestigious honorary degree from the Worlds Record University. He was also recognised by the Unique World Records Limited, India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and Limca Book of Records for his 812 km marathon. He also has been the recipient of various prestigious awards which includes the Mother Teresa Award, Best Humanitarian Award and Kerala State Business Excellence Award among others. “My vision is to reach to more and more people who are suffering under the clutches of poverty and sickness,” he says nonchalantly.

These Awards has not merely encouraged him to strive harder for the humanity but has also humbled him. His vision is to reach to more and more people who are suffering under the clutches of poverty and sickness. He dreams of a poverty and diseased free nation.

He has a dream today, a dream that can challenge the youth of the nation, a dream that can impact the lives of the people and he dares to turn those dreams into reality.

Life, Chemmanur says, can be experienced through service and by spreading love. Today, he is a voice in the wilderness, light in the darkness, and a hope for the hopeless.


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