[Exposé] Ishrat Jahan encounter: CBI probe nails IB officer’s role

In cold blood In 2011, the SIT told the court that Ishrat was killed in a fake encounter
In cold blood In 2011, the SIT told the court
that Ishrat was killed in a fake encounter
 Photo: Trupti Patel

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is set to drop a bombshell in a case of extrajudicial killing of four alleged terrorists by the Gujarat Police nine years ago. TEHELKA has learnt that the CBI will testify before a trial judge in Ahmedabad that one of the accused officers has, in a sworn testimony, identified Rajendra Kumar, now a Special Director with the Intelligence Bureau (IB), as a mastermind of the encounter killing of a woman and three men, all Muslims, on 15 June 2004. The agency, on the directions of the Gujarat High Court, is expected to file its chargesheet before the trial court on 4 July.

Explosively, a testimony by another officer claims that Kumar met the 19-year-old woman, Ishrat Jahan, while she was in illegal police custody before being killed. Another testimony by a cop claims that an AK-47 assault rifle, which the police said belonged to those killed, had actually been sourced from the Gujarat unit of the IB, to which Kumar belonged then, and planted on the four dead bodies.

The allegations, if found true, would not only fix Kumar’s lead role in the murder of the four people. It would also unequivocally demolish the state government’s long-held claim that the four were terrorists on their way to assassinate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and were killed by the police on the outskirts of Ahmedabad in a predawn exchange of gunfire. The testimonies are especially stunning as this is the first occasion in India’s history that the IB, an opaque Central agency that functions virtually with no public oversight, has been dragged into the middle of a sordid crime.

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It is the CBI’s case that Kumar knowingly provided false intelligence to the state police, claiming Jahan and the three men with her were terrorists. On 18 June, the CBI questioned Kumar at length in Gandhinagar, the state capital. An intra- agency war has broken out with IB Director Asif IBrahim accusing the CBI of targeting Kumar. But the evidentiary material with the CBI could make it difficult for the IB to continue backing Kumar.

Shockingly, one of the testimonies with the CBI also implicates Amit Shah — a Modi confidant who was Gujarat’s junior home minister at that time — as the one who ordered the cold-blooded killings. The CBI’s upcoming submission in the court on 4 July is bound to kick up a massive political storm as Modi has been tasked to lead his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in next year’s General Election, making him a contender for the job of the prime minister. Shah has been put in charge of the party in Uttar Pradesh, India’s politically most influential state that the BJP must win to rule New Delhi.

TEHELKA has exclusive information that the CBI  also possesses a secret audio recording made by a key accused, GL Singhal, who was one of the police officers who shot the four that fateful night. That recording of November 2011 is a conversation among Gujarat’s then junior home minister, Praful Patel, who had succeeded Shah in the job a year earlier; Additional Principal Secretary Girish Chandra Murmu, an IAS  officer who has served in Modi’s office since 2008 and considered to be one of his closest advisers; the state government’s most senior law officer, Advocate General Kamal Trivedi; his deputy, Additional Advocate General Tushar Mehta; an unnamed lawyer; and Singhal. (Patel, not to be confused with a namesake who is a Union minister, lost in the Assembly elections in December and did not find a place in Modi’s new cabinet.)

In the conversation the participants allegedly discuss ways to cover-up the crime by sabotaging a probe by a Special Investigative Team (SIT) of police officers appointed by the Gujarat High Court in 2009. The conversation shows the participants aimed to prevent the SIT from fingering the officers for the shootout. On 21 November 2011, the morning after the conversation, the SIT told the high court that there had been no shootout and Jahan and her companions had been killed in cold blood. The CBI will submit the audio recording, which has already been sent for a forensic examination, to the judge on 4 July.

According to a CBI officer who spoke to TEHELKA, Singhal has admitted he recorded the conversation as he feared he might be arrested and wanted to save the proof of the wider conspiracy. Indeed, Singhal is emerging as a crucial talking head in the case — as the one who has identified both Kumar and Shah as the masterminds. TEHELKA is aware of the identity of the other police officers who have given sworn testimonies to the CBI implicating IB officer Kumar and the others. However, we are withholding the names in order to protect their identities before 4 July, when the CBI would submit their signed testimonies to the court.

Additionally, a curious occurrence has come to light. Two days before the encounter, someone made two separate phone calls from a public telephone booth an hour apart from each other. One of them was made to the Ahmedabad office of the IB’s state wing. And the other was made to the mobile phone of Javed Gulam Shaikh (formerly a Hindu named Pranesh Pillai), who is the central figure among the four alleged terrorists and who was bringing them to Gujarat in his car. Who was making those phone calls and who did the caller speak with at the IB office? What did he speak of with Shaikh? The answers to these questions would further implicate Kumar, according to the CBI officer.

An Indian Police Services (IPS) officer since 1979, Kumar has been tying himself in knots since the CBI zeroed in on him. He reportedly told the CBI this week that he could not remember details of the events leading up to the shootout. In any case, he told the CBI, he merely provided the intelligence input and did not ask the police to kill Jahan, Shaikh and the two others. But CBI officers have sourced videos that news channels shot at the scene of the encounter where Kumar is prominent among the swarming police officers. CBI officials say Kumar, an intelligence officer, had no business being there.

In fact, two other testimonies the CBI has recorded afresh, directly implicate Kumar in another case: the extrajudicial killing of a Muslim youth, Sadiq Jamal, in January 2003. An officer with the Manipur- Tripura cadre stationed by the IB in Gujarat as joint director during 2000-05, Kumar had provided an intelligence input that said Pakistani terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) had tasked the 23-year-old Jamal to assassinate Modi. (A year later, Kumar forwarded an identical input that LeT had despatched Jahan, Shaikh and the two other men, Amjad Ali Rana and Zeeshan Johar, both allegedly Pakistanis.)

The CBI is probing Jamal’s killing, too. Police had arrested him in 2002 for gambling and presented him before a judge in Bhavnagar, 175 km south of Ahmedabad, 10 days before Kumar sent out the intelligence input about Jamal being a terrorist on the prowl. He followed it up with a second missive to the state’s then Director General of Police K Chakravarty, giving out the various locations in Bhavnagar where Jamal could be found.

Subterfuge GL Singhal’s (circled) tape of the cover-up talk implicates many others in the case
Subterfuge GL Singhal’s (circled) tape of the cover-up talk implicates many others in the case
Photo: Mayur Bhatt

One of the new testimonies with the CBI is by an intelligence officer named Ambady Gopinathan who was serving with the IB’s state wing in Maharashtra when the intelligence input about Jamal cropped up first in October 2002. He says a colleague of his in Mumbai submitted a “source report” that Jamal, “a dreaded terrorist had arrived from Dubai to kill certain right wing leaders”. It further said Jamal was in Ahmedabad and was “busy surveying the targets for his nefarious designs”. Gopinathan, who subsequently retired as assistant director with the IB’s Maharashtra unit, forwarded the report to two other state IB officers who in turn forwarded it to the IB in New Delhi.

Gopinathan’s testimony blows to smithereens the story that Jamal was a terrorist who the Ahmedabad crime branch killed in an encounter. He says that on 19 December 2002 Jamal was arrested from a hotel in Andheri East, a Mumbai suburb. “For about a week different SIB (State Intelligence Bureau) officers used to… interrogate Sadiq,” Gopinathan says. “We came to the conclusion that there was no substance to the input that Sadiq had any intention to cause harm to any VVIPs. The interrogation report containing the details and conclusion was sent to the central intelligence unit of the IB.” On 3 January 2003, Jamal’s custody was handed over to the crime branch in Gujarat. Ten days later, “I came to know from the media that Sadiq was killed in a police encounter”.

Surprisingly, even after being given a report of Sadiq’s innocence, Kumar claimed he was an absconder, in a third input generated soon after.

A CBI source told TEHELKA that two intelligence officers from Mumbai are also on its radar. One of them, Gururaj Savadatti, is a “suspect” as he was the one who had submitted the original “source report” about Jamal being a terrorist. The other officer is Sudhir Kumar, who was then IB central director, western zone, and who Gopinathan had sent the source report. The CBI believes the two Kumars, Rajendra and Sudhir, conspired to label Jamal a terrorist, which led to his encounter killing in Gujarat.

The other fresh testimony with the CBI is by a senior IPS officer in Gujarat, Anupam Singh Gehlot, a deputy inspector general in charge of coastal intelligence posted at the state police headquarters in Gandhinagar. Gehlot had been a deputy superintendent of police during 2002-04 at Bhavnagar. Jamal was a resident of Bhavnagar and the intelligence about him was sent to the city police for verification. Gehlot has now told the CBI that J Mahapatra, an IPS officer who was then director general of police in charge of statewide police intelligence, telephoned him and told him to expect a call from Rajendra Kumar. When Kumar called, he sent Gehlot on a wild goose chase by telling him to go look for a man named Ayyub Islam in the city.

“Later I got another phone call(s) from Rajendra Kumar and Mahapatra giving me name of a person called Sadiq Jamal who lived in Bhavnagar, a trained LeT militant (who) was out to kill BJP leader Narendra Modi,” Gehlot says. “I could make out that Kumar was keen on detailing Sadiq Jamal irrespective whereas Mr Mahapatra was keen on me verifying facts.” On 30 November 2002, Gehlot’s men went to Jamal’s house and found only his mother. The local police station told them they had booked Jamal for gambling. “We found no evidence against him and this was reported to the central intelligence unit. It was election time and I was busy with election supervision. On 15 January 2003 I received a phone call from the Ahmedabad crime branch asking me to inform the family of his (Jamal’s) death and to collect the dead body.”

The CBI says Mahapatra has been questioned and he is cooperating. Expect fireworks on 4 July.



  1. Truth will always prevail. rana hats off to you.
    The analysis about IB’s diabolical role and it’s RSS mind is day by day becoming clear as analysed in the book ‘Who killed karkare’ by former IG of Maharashtra police S.M.Mushrif.

      • brahmins are the number 1 enemy of this country from centuries!!! pooja money,caste system created by them,collaborated with mughals & british !!! they still dividing this country on the name of hindutava.

        • country is have been hindu for centuries..so no division can happen on hindutva..brahmins have saved country from likes of yoy forever ,,most the scripture and science r written by them..class division-blue,white collar jobs are fabric of every working society as wages r dependent on quality of work. mathematics, economy, numbers, surgery, astrology, were all done by manuwadis…otherwise world would never have it…..burning down takshila and nalanda wont take away any history of india..world has already found it..there was absolutely no collaboration with with mughals ,,,they were rat eating ,tent dwelling invaders who only came to loot in 14 century ,were thrown out of india in 300 years…collaboration with british..that was barelvi, deobandi pact..they didnt attend quit movement but went khilafat movement for a country which is has nothing to do with india or you…try going there…most of indian british army constituted of muslims( they wanted weapons to arm them so they could attack hindus -like they did in noakholi..and other parts..ww2 wiki read it-about collobration.)….as far as world knows it we fought for freedom…btw— who are you sunni,shia,ahmadi,deobandi,sufi, ajlaf ,ashraf, or ajlaf, hanafi,nizafi, akbari, khwarij ..etc etc…(talking about cast and sect).

        • are u shiya or sunni ..look what they are doing each other in our neghboiur country..more thaqn 100 babri masjid wer burnt in pak to prove loyality of shiya or sunni to god..

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  2. This is what we call Ahmed Patel Bhai’s Spin on behalf of Sonia Gandhi and Congress by paid jounos like Rana Ayub as mentioned in article in Firstpost.
    “The inside story of how Sonia’s spin doctoring works”

  3. Good job. These dirty works by officers to get promotions and to serve t heir political masters, at the cost of innocent lives, must end now.

  4. I just can’t understand what this supposedly good muslim girl was doing with an unrelated man who WAS A CONVERT to islam. Were they physically involved and since he came to know her 2 months back, Do Muslim ullemas support such kind of relations?

    These so called “Muslim Intellectuals” are supporting the terrorists and their hidden agenda is to convert India into some kind of Pakistan where bomb blasts happen on daily basis. If you are such a persecuted minority in India, just leave for Pakistan. YOu have killed more than 100000 people in India in last two decades. Just leave for the country that was made for you

    • and the congress government keeps feeding them with all kind of reservations and subsidies. Unless and Until, they have a bill that separates church and state (religion and politics), India will be a failed state.

        • what was the sacrifice ????wat country….or a shout out to cantral asia…mallapuram.noakholi,hyd,assam.bangla r really sacrificed by u…isnt it….

    • the kind of extremism u show here,,the same kind is used by people across the border towards innocent hindus who chose to stay in their homeland..civillians didnt ask for partition..

      and i choose not to comment on the other stupid remark of urs..whatever they were lovers, couple..u r a moral police?..a conservative..who cant see a man and a woman togther..!

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    • your comment shows your fascist mentality and i don’t believe that you are hindu either because as i know hindu must stay with truth,aren’t?

  5. another conspiracy plotted by the UPA which uses CBI as its parrot to tarnish Modi governments Image, these people are real terrorists and they had to be killed.

      • what about owaisi.iss/LeT…..why were ahmadis not allowed to meet….barelvi shou;d say something here….central asia is rocking bcoz of rss or ur houses and families…terrorist of world cant call anyone names…..well of course self respect isnt ur part of deal..

      • If you are talking about HINDU TERROR and ISLAMIC TERROR…
        Welll the comaprision is like SIZE OF ELEPHANT & ANT….Its huge difference….

        Be Practical, SPIRITUALITY IS ONE THING but RELIGIOUS BIGOTISM is dangerous..

    • @ Jay, Modi will get power to kill even terrorists only after he establishes his ‘Empire’ and he crowned as ‘EMPEROR MODI’. Till then if he kills even alleged terrorists , he will be accommodated where ever the law courts decides, as we will see soon.!!!

  6. Great work!! I truly appreciate FICTION and liked what you wrote above.

    So sad though that you will not be able to share the #BharatNilaam largesse .. probably Spin doctor has already arranged for your “baksheesh”

    • u may find more justice outside india….bcoz we r allowing u to talk,,giving u food to live..doesnt mean u will bark watever….if this was arab ur heads would have been…….

      • you are giving food to live..??? to whom ?? u sick minded beggar..do u have enough food of your own..think of arab later..first think of your own country where justice is denied on every occassion..where more than half the population is still below poverty line and dosent have enough to eat. the words you used above are barking in human domain.

        • this tehelka she is working in is also from india…u bark more in democratic countries like uk.france,sweden….some how noise calm down only in central asia..sick minded begger….in germany 2-3% of ppl avail 40% of total social.same in every country…who has given u education…central asia….arabian justice oh we know all about it..just name ur king ..u will know…we watch it all time…go to imf for fund…assad too is alll about equality…more than half the population under poverty line….are u know who..india declare a religion of state,,,,start taxing double on non confirmers/non belivers….learn from turkey..dont teachthis filth in ur institution as they r built by ur money even after 1000 years of looting and looting…let them shine their bowl to everyone else…breeding like cockroaches out of 50 wives!!!! “justice is denied on every occassion”—is that having 4 witnesses of rape or stoning or …….

        • how come you get to eat.. from our not enough food stock…barking in human domain.. did you learn these words in arabian university..if you are so much arabian in heart why are you here…rich central asia is plentiful of job opportunity…only refugee problem is great-i guess due to equality

          • hey peak…he has enough food..its leftover from butchered cows that are thrown in temples in kerala..

      • and who the hell you are to allow or deny, do not even think of arabs you are far away from them in justice and equality

        • ..funny non bankrupt ppl from india talk about indian bankrupcy…perhaps excessive dosage of dog/ camel ..s.!!!

  7. many died in false encounters…why these r so special…bombay muslim inspector Ishfaq killed many hindus protecting dawoood….no hindu cried like this…..RSS angle…writers name explains it…owaisis Let jud connections is also very obvious…amzing is when temples bells r not allowed in a part of india//while some shout five times a day in most disgusting manner…13 percent wanted a separate country got 30% of land..only 70 k made journey…while over 5 millions hindus arrived in india… with them arrived a crore muzzies….no one cried then…10% of hindu population across border is butchered off …we r not crying…..so s top crying over terrorists

    • either you are frustrated or you have not a basic knowledge of india or what religion means so you cheap racist better shut your mouth or do suicide believe me nobody will stop you .

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    • Special because she was a young girl, bread winner. It is not an encounter but a cold blooded murder in police custody. Police should have kept her in custody and produced before the courts to prove that she is indeed a terrorist. Now where is the proof? why they have deliberately erased the proof? This need to be answered.

  8. It is really surprising to see CBI leaking information to this journalist or is it that this journalist is lying as usual

    • CBI is leaking information to this paid journalist who writing this paid piece of information to cover the shoddy investigations of CBI. The CBI wanted to prove a point that they have enough against the IB to keep the war going. Then why aren’t they arresting him?

  9. I Salute to Tehelka Team for their effort to bring out the truth, with out any interest only for the sake of justice. Great works in era of selfish and fascist media. Really needs an appreciation.

  10. The testimonies of the police officer G L Singhal has been reported by the Indian Express. In fact, that was the first report in the media about Rajinder Kumar’s involvement in the case. There is nothing new in this story.

      • Dude the case is full of “CONFLICT OF INTEREST”…
        Judge is daughter of Himachal Congresss CM …
        And Tehelka, its well known about whose behalf they talk about….
        And this young energetic RANAji is over excited and vengeful in writeups,talks….She needs more balance in her approach otherwise it will be tough for her…..

        And if you are talking about HINDU TERROR and ISLAMIC TERROR…
        Welll the comaprision is like SIZE OF ELEPHANT & ANT….Its huge difference….

        Be Practical, SPIRITUALITY IS ONE THING but RELIGIOUS BIGOTISM is dangerous..

        • elephant vs ant! nice comparison. Sir please list out all the terrorist activities of our country in the last 20 years and please let us know how many ants and elephants were there. those who were puppets and faithful to britishers what do they know the loyalty of our india. many a times muslims might have been angry against the rulers of this country but seldom would they have betrayed the country. and BTW try to take the list of traitors of after independance. I AM NOT A MUSLIM IF MY IMAAN IS NOT 50% PATRIOTISM.

          • Who was the puppet??Loyalty to INDIA???
            Seems nut case….
            Simple ….Who blew (9/11)twin towers??Who was behind London bombings,madrid bombings??? What is LeT & JuD??
            Why is kashmir burning since decades???
            Who divided the country based on religion???

            Let me list very few of INdian bombings
            who was behind 26/11,7/11??
            Who were behind recent dilshuknagar bombings???

            Who talks about VICTIMHOOD? Who says “Islam Khatriya mein hain??Who says kill the infidels(kafir/Hindu)???

            R u blind or you dont read???

  11. this is the true facts which modi misuse his power against muslim . slowly slowly all facts will come in light.every encounter with Muslims was planned as riots were planned

  12. This Rana seems to be a floating straw for all the traitor muslims. They are clinging on to her like there is no tommorrow. The nation knows that Tehelka is a sting journalism team for non Khangress crimes.Who cares for the lives of terrorist leeches however they are killed. Good riddance.Rajendra Kumar must get a Param vir chakra for if has planned this liquidation.

  13. CBI Director Ranjit Sinha ( a close friend & confidante of Ram Jetmalani) was leaking news of the progress of the case to Modi seeking pardon from Modi for his helplessness to safe him, as the case was beyond his control due to the strict monitoring of the Gujarat High Court and cooperation from Supreme Court is no more possible (after the exit of Justice DK Jain) . All the recent developments of Modi’s elevation etc is an attempt to intimidate the courts to the extent possible . Ghost of Ishrat Jahan is not going to stop haunting Modi with the rope, is visible.!!

  14. Congratulations to Ayyub for her painstaking work on exposing the diabolical plot to murder Amjad Ali Rana and Zeeshan Johar. [Please don’t call it the Ishrat case … are the lives of secular Pakistani Lashkar volunteers any less important?] Thank Allah that Singhal is talking, it was very wise of the CBI to not charge sheet him.

  15. Great Job Rana Ayub, It is a service to mankind. I am waiting for the day when the mass murderer is punished. It is blessing or curse of democracy that a perpetrator of genocide is eyeing for PM ship. Shame on those who are supporting the Butcher.

  16. I think cold blooded murders of innocent should stop in the name of ethnic cleansing….please do not make Narendra Modi PM as his ex home minister is also under question…truth is finally coming out which is hard to swallow for some..

  17. One point is not covered–what sohrabuudin villagers were doing with that cache of ak47and other army frame weapons in their well…there were live on tv at his funeral shooting from them and cursing……….it’s a great mystery!!!!???jaychand of india again at it!!!!

  18. People deliberately turn the issue as Hindu vs Muslim issue. This a pure law & order issue and should be left to courts. Every case of fake encounter should be re-opened and justice should be done wherever needed. India is a democracy, any police state cannot be tolerated. Satya meva jayate.

  19. D C Joshi

    It sounds strange that the two Central Govt.’s agency are at loggerheads.In this situation,how can we trust their findings.Those killed,right or wrong,were terrorists as

    confirmed by LeT,FBI,UN statements etc.Secularism has been reduced to perpetuating antagonism Muslims vs. all Non-muslims.Of course, the courts will take a decision on this.This is a sure way of keeping the country backward,poor and illiterate so that crafty politicians and their media hangers-on can continue to ransack the country’s resources.None talks of real minorities like Sikhs,Buddhists,Ahmediyas Parsees and even Jains and christians because they have subsumed their personal interests with the larger goal of the development of the country.
    D C Joshi

  20. Read Justice ”Tamang report ” of the gujarat high court. The NIA has rubbished that headley has ever mentioned ishraat jahan .

  21. The new trend in India – muslims r the only secular group..all hindus who even pray at least once in a day are communal because they follow hindutva!!!

  22. Very good investigation indeed. Culprits must be booked and given stringent punishment. What is note worthy is that not this enthusiasm is shown by Muslims in cases not involving other Muslims- This is just an observation.

  23. Modi and his web of lies has been exposed .How can this man order the killing of an innocent girl so that he can look tough in front of everyone else? Does he not have an iota of humanity in him?

  24. From a large number of comments, it isn’t hard to see that the minds of a lot of Indians are corrupted by hate and bigotry. Maybe the major motives of the right wing Hindu outfits, their political fronts and their facilitators in the police/intelligence departments are threefold- i) poison the minds of the general Hindu populace against the Muslims thus ensuring their vote banks ii) malign/slander/stereotype the entire Muslim community iii) demonize/terrorize the entire Muslim community to a level where they are demoralized and afraid of their own shadow.

    It’s easy to denounce those who scream Conspiracy – but one cant but wonder when so many truths are unraveling one by one ( fake encounters, innocent people jailed for bomb attacks etc, etc) . It’s time to introspect – Who is/are the real enemy/enemies of the nation?

    Hats off to Rana Ayyub and the whole Tehelka team. No mainstream Indian newspaper or channel is going to run such an in depth investigation.

  25. Tehelka has just post an article on Talawar family and CBI’s investigation. In this case(Talwar) they want us to believe CBI is wrong and on the other hand here they want us to believe CBI is correct. Writer was asking why Rajinder Kumar was present at the site and one of former IB official give her reply still she has posted marked Rajinder Kumar photo above. Regarding Amit Shah any minister will act according to the input provided to them. Rajinder Kumar would have not collected the information/input himself. Input would have come from various sources.

  26. Hats off tehelka. It’s heartening there is at least one news organization that is unbiased and gutsy in their reporting. You help keep the flame of secularism and democracy alive thru journalism in India

  27. This is expected because elections are coming up. Congress will never want to complete this investigation. Its speed depends upon the election time and well coordinated with media. Tehelka never did sting operation against single congress leader

  28. From the comments received, it appears that Tehelka’s clientele is totally minority dominated. No wonder they offer a floating straw for all aspiring terrorists.


  30. Thousands killed in Punjab but not a single sting by Tehelka! why only Muslims r minority? Why no sting done on 1984 killings, scared of what u tehelka people?

  31. Nice report. Will be glad if someone tells me y those guys were shot by the police. Hard to believe that they were shot just because they were Muslims.

  32. AS IF…the congress doesn’t have infinitely more blood on its hands.

    AS IF…it isn’t election season, and the congress is scared.

    AS IF…this doesn’t happen in every congress ruled state.

    AS IF…we don’t know who pays for the government ads that feed the media.

    yawn…any real news?



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