Amazon brings Kindle Voyage to India


kindle-voyageAmazon launched the latest version of their famous e-book reader, the Amazon Kindle, earlier today. Called the ‘Kindle Voyage’, it differs from previous models in a number of smaller aspects.

The Kindle Voyage comes in two options, with the more expensive variant offering 3G connectivity at a Rs. 4,000 increase.

The Voyage sports a magnesium body with a glass front and measures at an extremely slim 7.6mm. The Kindle is known for being a portable library and Amazon has stamped the seal on it by further reducing the weight, to a mere 180 grams. This is also the first Kindle to have a flat body.

The Paper white display is sharper than ever -“laser-like”, according to Amazon – and an auto-adjust brightness function has been introduced. Text displays at 300 ppi. If you’ve ever used a Kindle before, you’ll know that it offers little to complain about, as far as ease of reading is concerned. Amazon is rounding off the edges of their previous models and delivering something very valuable. The battery will survive six weeks of ordinary use. Amazon has also stated that free 3G will be offered to over a 100 countries across the world.

The Wifi-only device is priced at Rs. 16,499, while the model offering the additional feature of 3G comes at Rs 20,499. They are available for purchase on Amazon’s website,


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