‘Amar moves from office to home and then the bedroom’


Samajwadi Party veteran Azam Khan tells Kunal Majumder Amar Singh’s threat to put Mulayam Singh in jail is bluster

Photo: Shailendra Pandey

Amar Singh says he has secrets that can send Mulayam Singh Yadav to jail. What has he got?
You can make out the shady nature of the man by his statements and why he was thrown out of the party. It also reflects his hatred for Samajwadis.

You had left the party and now you are back. Was Amar Singh the reason why you left?
I never left the party, I was asked to leave. Kalyan Singh was the main reason. He is not only responsible for the Babri Masjid demolition, but committed a graver sin. When a temple or mosque is demolished, it can be rebuilt. But when a human being is killed, he can never be brought back. Kalyan has acknowledged, even on television, that when he was the chief minister, he had controlled the riots in Aligarh by killing four Muslims. He is a self-confessed murderer, so how could the SP send a criminal like him to the Lok Sabha? However, Amar ’s case is different. He was destroying the party and turning it into a circus. He got film stars to attend rallies, but what do they know about politics?

Amar was a close associate of Mulayam for 14 years. So, how did he becomepersona non grata all of a sudden?
He has been telling everybody that he was Mulayam’s crutch for 14 years. Mulayam might have been weakened politically and might have required his help. Amar might have helped with helicopters, money, etc. But now Mulayam is no longer weak. So he has thrown away the crutch. The crutch forgot what its real purpose was and started assuming it had become the leg.

Hasn’t the SP benefited from Amar Singh?
When the SP formed its first government, we had never heard about him. During the second government, we started hearing about his name. He came quietly to the party like a rat enters a ship. Slowly, the rat started poking holes in the ship and allowed the water to fill. He came on a mission to the party to destroy the socialist ideology. He tried hard but could not complete his mission, though he caused much harm.

Wouldn’t you agree that the party used Amar and later discarded him?
He has become a Rajya Sabha member for the third time. What else does he want? He is an ungrateful man.

Did Mulayam bring you back to regain the SP’s Muslim base?
Of course, it is one of the reasons. Muslims are also an important part of this nation. Mulayam has realised the mistake of having had a tie-up with Kalyan. My relationship with Mulayam has been close and emotional. I believe from my heart that he is a secular person and can take everybody along. After the Ayodhya verdict, he was the first secular leader to side with the Muslims.

Have you ever thought of joining another party?
I’m not that kind of person. My association with Mulayam is really old. I always had an intuition that he would call me back.

Will Amar’s plan of launching a party affect the SP?
He is on a mission to destroy the Samajwadi movement. Now he is continuing with his conspiracy outside. He knows the art of moving from office to home and then to the bedroom. He has done it with Mulayam, the Bachchans, the Ambanis and the Dutts. But I must say that he has failed to enter Sonia Gandhi’s house. She recognised his true colours a long time ago.



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