All-party meeting: Kashmir crisis still in limbo state

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

With All Party Meeting on Kashmir coming up with no major political initiative to address the ongoing unrest, the crisis in the Valley is likely to drag on. The centre has now even deferred the proposed visit of an all-party delegation to the state until after the situation has improved.

Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about his commitment to finding a permanent and peaceful solution as per the basic principles of the Constitution, he didn’t announce any plan for a political engagement with the separatist groups,  who challenge the status quo on the state.

“We all are committed to this national sentiment that there cannot be any compromise with the country’s regional integrity. We are ready to address the grievances of all sections of the Constitution,” Modi said at the meeting adding that the state was “not the question of a territorial integrity but also a definition of nationalism”.

He made it clear that J&K was not only Kashmir Valley but also “Jammu,  Ladakh and PoK”.

PM also emphasised that all citizens and political parties must be united in responding to terrorism as well as other destructive forces. “The government expects constructive cooperation from all parties despite political differences,” he said.

However, to the separatist groups, this has meant nothing.

“Prime Modi has only repeated  what his government has been saying so far. He has called the part of Kashmir under Pakistan as a part of India. “This means little to us. It is a diversion from the main issue,” a Hurriyat leader said. “Modi has announced no concrete political initiative to address the basic issue at the heart of the ongoing turbulence in the state”.

When asked whether Hurriyat would agree if the centre were to offer talks, the leader said it will depend on what the centre wants to achieve by such an engagement. “If the intention is adhoc in nature, to return Kashmir to normalcy, then we will not be a part of it. But if the effort will be to resolve Kashmir in both its internal and external dimensions, we will be a part of it,” he said. “As of now, we don’t think that the New Delhi has any substantive plan of action. We will respond any offer on its merit”.

In the 35 days of the violence in the state so far, around 60 people have lost their lives and more than 5,000 people have been injured, several hundred of them were hit in their eyes by the pellets fired from pump action guns. Already more than hundred such patients stare at a partial or complete blindness.