Alex Tsipras wins snap polls, to be sworn in as PM shortly



Greece’s leftist Alexis Tsipras stormed back into office after emerging victorious over his conservative rival in a snap general election.

His first term in office was marked with turbulence after Greece struggled with economic stability.
The charismatic leader stood set to return to power with a win that launched his Syriza party into office in January.

While Tsipras announced the election as a victory of the people, Syriza is leading with a 35.5% share of the vote compared with 28.2% for the centre-right New Democracy party.

In his victory speech in a central Athens square, he said that a a new phase of stability would be ushered in a country that has held five general elections in six years, adding his mandate would now see him through a full term.

“Greece and the Greek people are synonymous with resistance and dignity. This struggle will be continued together for a full four years,” he said.

Happy supporters, relieved at the result, took to the streets in celebration, with many singing and dancing outside Syriza’s election marquee in central Athens.

Tsipras told supporters, “The mandate that the Greek people have given is is a mandate to get rid of the regime of corruption and vested issues. We will show how effective we will be. We will make the country a stronger place for the weak and vulnerable.”

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the head of the eurozone’s finance ministers’ meetings known as the eurogroup, congratulated Tsipras on his election victory. In a tweet, he said, “Looking forward to formation of the new government with mandate to continue reform process.”


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