Akshay – a Jolly good fellow in forced controversy



I met actor, Akshay Kumar during his visit to Chandigarh sometime back and found him to be a very generous actor who has never shied away from providing succor to those in need. He had donated funds to Maharashtra Government for drought relief. And now he wants to honour soldiers who lose their lives serving in the Indian Armed forces and he wants the help of civilians to find the right method to do it. The actor has published a video on his social media platforms where he thinks aloud about developing an app or a website that will accomplish this goal. In the video, the actor says that he wants to create a platform where the citizens can also get in touch with those families and help them personally. He says, “It’s my wish that in our country, there is such a website or an app that directly connects families with those who want to help them. A platform where the bank account details of these families are made available almost immediately along with information on how many people were financially dependent on the solider. The details of the account would automatically be wiped off when the donations for the fallen soldier touch Rs 15 lakh to provide financial security and stability to the family of the jawan.

The actor, now finds himself in a forced controversy surrounding his winning a National Award for his performance in a film, ‘Rustom’. There is criticism as to how he was chosen for the best actor award when there were contenders like Aamir Khan who acted in much acclaimed “Dangal”. Perturbed Akshay Kumar has said that after working for 25 years in Bollywood if people still think he doesn’t deserve the honour, they can take it away. The ‘Jolly LLB 2’ star, who was present at an event by Movie Stunt Artistes Association for the insurance of all the stunt artists who work in Hindi films, said: “I have noticed it in the past 25 years that whenever someone wins, there’s bound to be a discussion on it. So it’s not something new. Someone or the other creates a controversy that this person should not have got it.”

For record, Khiladi Kumar was named the Best Actor for his performance in the crime thriller ‘Rustom’. Not many would disagree that Akshay Kumar is going through the golden phase of his filmy career. In 2016, he played on three different pitches and managed to score on each one of them. Once described as an actor who knows only one meaning of action, Akshay is increasingly offering variety to his fans. Stunts and a strong sense of earthy humour have always been his strengths but now his film have a whiff of realism, a definite nationalistic angle and a touch of social responsibility. In a row he gave three films in 2016, all doing a box office business of over Rs 100 crores. Akshay says this new version of him is not planned. The fact that he doesn’t belong to a camp, has put him in a situation where he could experiment with his script writers and directors more than many others. “I am going through a patch where I am getting good scripts. In this industry, scripts that compel you to do a film are rare. There is no big plan but I am glad that I have started a trend where stars are trying to fit themselves in subjects that are rooted to ground reality. He says he and his staff read two to three scripts on a daily basis. “Out of 35-40 scripts, you find one worthy to explore. So it’s not a code that I have cracked. A lot still depends on luck. The good thing is that it is young writers who are coming up with much more interesting stuff than the seasoned ones.”

Many feel that Akshay is in a rush for when big names are eulogizing the positives of doing one film a year, Akshay is doing three-four and is showing box office results as well. “I don’t believe in the expression that less is more. People say less visibility helps in maintaining one’s charisma. but the same people do 15 ads in a year. What happens to the charisma then. It is about an individual’s stamina. One can do maximum four films in a year.” With Jolly LLB-2, he took his game to a new level. Jolly seems like a henpecked husband in Lucknow, which is again in contrast to Akshay’s out and out macho image.

“Yes, the wife is bossy. He cooks for her, presses her feet and makes a peg for her. I found it interesting because in the court he is different, you know. In Hindi films, we don’t have such male characters often. It is always the wife or mother who are shown making food.” am just doing my work by picking subjects that I like. I read the toilet story in newspapers and when I found that somebody has already written a script around it, I decided to go for it. As for Padman, it is Twinkle’s idea and she is producing it. I am not doing it for any honour. I never sit with people to discuss awards.” Actor Akshay Kumar has announced that he will be essaying the role of music mogul Gulshan Kumar in his biopic titled “Mogul.” “I had the good fortune of knowing Gulshanji well. My association with him started right from my first film Saugandh. We both shared many things in common and come from a similar background. And I am very excited to play him on—screen,” Akshay said in a statement.

The action star shared a special bond with Gulshan, who was shot dead outside the Jeeteshwar Mahadev temple, Mumbai in August 1997, from the time he made his Bollywood debut with “Saugandh” in 1991. The first poster of the film shows the head of Kumar embossed on a golden backdrop with a cassette in the middle, along with the tagline “The Emperor of Music.” From being a household name with his devotional music to becoming the one-man music industry with T-Series, Gulshan’s larger-than-life story is set to get captured in his biopic. Produced by Gulshan’s wife, Sudesh Kumari, the biopic is slated for release in 2018. Then there is Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Set in Mathura, Akshay is playing the character of a pay-and-use toilet owner who falls in love with a girl from the slum areas of the city.
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