Akhilesh calls on Mulayam to patch up, smoothen differences


Akhilesh Yadav_party office (8)Amid allegations and counter allegations, the political drama between members of the Yadav family shows no signs of lessening with the two SP factions battling it out over the party symbol.

While this was so, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav went to the residence of his father Mulayam in Lucknow to soften the widening differences between the father-son duo.

Earlier, Mulayam went to the Election Commission to lay claim to the SP ‘cycle’ symbol. After him Ram Gopal reached the EC and lay claim to the symbol. He said that since the faction led by Akhilesh had the support of a majority of legislators, he should be allotted the symbol.

The ball was now in the EC’s court to decide as to which faction to be allotted the SP poll symbol.

Akhilesh supporter Kiranmoy Nanda, who was expelled on January 1 by Mulayam, on January 3 alleged that there was something suspicious about the signature on the expulsion letter.

As per EC sources, the commission may ask both factions to pick a new party name and symbol in case the original party symbol cycle was frozen.

Meanwhile, the BJP said people of the state (UP) now know which party to vote as the internal fight within the ruling SP has exposed it.

Instead of fighting the elections, they are battling it out for supremacy and the party symbol. They stand exposed. The people now have a clear choice. Also, the success of PM Narendra Modi’s Parivartan rally was another pointer, according to BJP sources.