Akademi Row: Writers Carry Out Protest March In Delhi

Writers protest
A banner in the protest.

In the escalating writers’ protest against intolerance, around 100 people including writers, poets and artists, with placards in their hands, conducted a peaceful march in New Delhi, on Friday. A banner in the protest read: “Salute to Prof. MM Kalburgi”.

Wearing black ribbons on their head, as a sign of protest, writers from across the country gathered at Shri Ram Center near Mandi house and marched towards Sahitya Akademi in New Delhi ahead of the Akademi’s emergency meeting.

The silent protest, writers said, was to express their anger against the government for letting anti-social incidents happen and also to attract attention of the academy towards the increasing attacks on literateurs.

A writer in the protest said the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression, is currently being suppressed in the country. “Whatever is happening in the country nowadays, people belonging to minorities and schedule caste feel insecure,” the writer said.

The writer added that the government must take some concrete steps to stop such incidents which shatter the nation’s secular fabric. Sahitya Akademi should also pressurize the government and pass some resolution against increasing attacks on the writers, writer added.

Recently, Nayantara Sahgal, the 88-year-old niece of Jawaharlal Nehru, was among the first to  lodge  her  protest against the Akademi’s silence over the repeated attacks on writers and rationalists who were raising their voice of dissent.


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