After his Rajya Sabha Resignation, Mallya Claims he is not a Defaulter


MALLYAVijay Mallya, an independent Rajya Sabha member and business tycoon, sent his resignation to the Ethics Committee on Monday. The Upper House committee in a meeting on April 25 had unanimously decided on his expulsion on May 3, 2016.This is Mallya’s second term as a member of parliament, and originally, his term was meant to end on July 1st, 2016.

The Committee, headed by Congress leader Karan Singh, took this decision after they requested Vijay Mallya to provide his position on the default of bank loans worth Rs 9,000 crore. Earlier, Mallya was found guilty of owing the high amount in unpaid loans due to the fall of his company Kingfisher Airlines. In response to this, Mallya has shown no interest in returning to India from his “forced exile” in UK, to face creditor banks, despite the revocation of his passport and an arrest warrant issued by the Mumbai High Court for money laundering charges. Britain has been reportedly requested to deport the 60-year-old liquor baron.

Hours after his resignation, Vijay Mallya has pleaded not guilty in front of the masses, tweeting, “In all humility and not in defiance as they report, I would like Indian media to check and verify facts before calling me a defaulter.” He claimed that he cannot be branded as a defaulter as he was always open for settlements with the banks, and was engaging in constant dialogue with them to resolve the case. He argued that his willingness to resolve all financial disputes is reason enough for media to not term him as a “defaulter”.

Further explaining his innocence, Vijay Mallya in his resignation letter to the Rajya Sabha Chairman, Hamid Ansari, started, “I am shocked that the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India has provided factually wrong information to a Parliament Committee.” He currently stands strong on the grounds that the allegations of money laundering and default of bank loans are “false and baseless.”

Vijay Mallya, in his letter, solemnly believes he is a victim who has been denied a “fair trial or justice”, and took onto social media today to express his disappointment and request the masses to not view him as a defaulter.