After high drama and detention for 16 hours, Yogendra Yadav is released



Swaraj Abhiyan member Yogendra Yadav, who was arrested by the Delhi Police  for holding protests against the Land Bill without permission, was released  on a verbal assurance that he will not break Section 144 again. Three others who were detained by the Delhi Police from Jantar Mantar, along with the Swaraj Abhiyan member, were also released.
The Delhi Police has informed the High Court that all detained persons including Yogender Yadav have been released. The court disposal off the matter by directing the police to release all the 83 persons as soon as possible.

While Yogendra Yadav claimed that they were having a peaceful protest and had the permission for the same, the police has maintained that they were permitted to hold the protest only till Monday evening as they thwarted their planned rally to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence. Earlier in the day, senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan held a press conference to speak about the actions of the police. Bhushan wasn’t allowed to meet Yogendra Yadav and the gates were closed down when he went to the Parliament Street police station.

“It is the constitutional right of detained persons to speak to their lawyers. We don’t need police permission to protest. It’s a right for every citizen. It’s illegal to impose section 144 in the whole of Central Delhi. Is this a democracy or a dictatorship? Or is it a police raj? We told the police that our protest at Jantar Mantar will be peaceful but they didn’t let us carry on,” Bhushan told the press. The police said they have made preventive arrests under sections 107 (action where breach of the peace or disturbance is apprehended) and 151 (arrest to prevent the commission of cognisable offences) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).


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