After financial disclosure, Hillary Clinton challenges Trump to release taxes


Hillary-Clinton1According to a financial disclosure form filed by US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, she earned around $6.5 million from book royalties and speeches delivered in 2015 before she kicked off her White House bid. Documents filed on Tuesday reveal that her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, also raked in more than $5 million from speeches delivered during that year.

A financial disclosure form is legally required for presidential candidates giving details about their personal assets. The document is filed with the Federal Election Commission and covers the period from January 1 2015 to present.

The Clintons’ reported wealth is at least $11.3 million and as much as $52.7 million, little changed from last year, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Mrs Clinton earned $5 million in royalties alone from her 2014 memoir Hard Choices. She also received royalties from another book titled Living History published in 2003.

Shortly before Clinton’s disclosure, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump had put out a statement describing his personal wealth at $10 billion. Clinton has repeatedly challenged Trump to publicly release his tax returns during her political campaign and this move is likely to sting Trump.