Accused in Bhanwari Devi murder case finally nabbed


b31f7e1921eca1434dc6af7dd4a67cf0Indira Bishnoi, the alleged mastermind behind the much-publicised Bhanwari Devi murder case, which once created ruckus in the Rajasthan politics, is finally arrested. Police laid a trap and she was caught from a basti of Bishnois in Jhhapra village of Harda area in Bhopal where she was hiding for the last over five years with a fake name of Indira Devi. Police was camping in Harda for the last six months in search of Indira Bishnoi. This is the same murder case in which former Rajasthan Congress minister Mahipal Maderna is one of the accused.

It was not an easy task for police to trace Indira. However, Devas SP Vikas Kumar web a net which helped police to catch her. Now the case has been handed over to the CBI for further investigations. According to police, Indira was hiding in Jhhapra basti for the last long time and was known as ‘Maan’ (Mother) among the residents. The ATS ADG Umesh Kumar Mishra had handed over the case to SP Vikas Kumar, who finally succeeded in trapping the mastermind of Bhanwari Devi murder case. ATS launched operation ‘Ashok Vatika’ to trap Indira Bishnoi, in which many surprising facts had come to the light. Indira was so sharp that she was not even using a mobile phone and had two persons with her who used to exchange information with her contacts.

The police was camping in Devas for the last six months to trap Indira Bishnoi. ATS Udaipur branch had collected some information, however inputs were not sufficient which could lead police to the master mind of the case. In December, 2016 SP Vikas Kumar received certain inputs from the informers that a woman from Rajasthan was hiding in some Jhhapra basti in poor conditions. SP Kumar informed ADG Mishra about the development who directed him to cross check the facts. Vikas Kumar then worked hard to get some solid information. During this investigation some surprising things came in the light, however these were not sufficient which could lead to the main accused.

Police was also in the dark that how Indira was making contacts with her relations or other people. According to the sources Indira was not carrying mobile with her. Police people, who were investigating the matter were of the opinion that there must be some source with which she was contacting her relations. Police was surprised to know that she was not having a phone. So how she was making contacts with her relations? How it was possible that she was living with the unknown people for a long time. The basti where she was hiding had migrated to this place 50 years ago from Jodhpur. However, there were certain things that matched her with Indira. For instance, she was staying at a place, which has all Vishnoi population. The place was five kilometers away from Harda town in Bhopal. It was inhabited by Bishnoi families who migrated from Jodhpur and reached this place. Though there are many changes in Indira’s personality in these five-years, however informers said that face facade matched Indira Vishnoi to a large extent. Police had only one option, “patience and surveillance”.


The murder case, in short

This story is related to rise and the downfall of former Rajasthan minister Mahipal Maderna who is the son of Parasram Maderna, the strongman of Jat politics in Rajasthan. The story reminds us of infamous Profumo gate heroine Pamela. Investigations reveal that when Mahipal was a minister, a woman Bhanwari, who was a nurse in PHC of Jaliwada Khurd in Bilara area, entered his life. Bhanwari was an ambitious woman. When both came close, Bhanwari was seen at all the functions attended by Mahipal Maderna. This became the talk of the town and people started questioning that how a nurse, can use using luxury cars to attend the functions and have costly clothing. Bhanwari was not only very beautiful but also a good dancer (natni) and a singer. She was married to Amar Chand.

However, it is alleged that she had relations with many men, including MLA Malkhan Singh, brother of Indira Bishnoi. And when people came to know about it, there was a storm in the Rajasthan politics. Both Mahipal Singh and Malkhan Singh were on the target of Bhanwari Devi. It is alleged that Indira had instigated Bhanwari to target Mahipal Singh. And they made a CD of minister Mahipal with Bhanwari. Indira was playing a double game. The first goal was to blackmail and defame Maderna so that Malkhan may become a minister. The second intention was to finish Bhanwari so that the rights of a daughter are denied to a girl, whom Bhanwari was claiming to be Malkhan’s daughter.


This information has a positive outcome. To reach Indira, ADG Mishra planned ‘Operation Matahari’. In this course police tightened its net around her. And with this, the face of a wandering cunning criminal would be exposed. The police got stunned to know about her communication style in which she used two intermediaries while avoiding mobile to make contacts with her relatives. To reach her, Inspector Shyam Ratnu’s team was given Rajasthani veneer and sell handicraft goods to reach Indira. Ratanu and his team jawans sold goods for two months to find all links and things related to Indira Bishnoi.

It was interesting for the police to know that Bicholia, who had contact with Indira, did not know his family, and the person taking the information from his family was not directly in touch with Indira. The information exchanged was done in code words. Indira used to take the language of the exchange of messages from this disconnected conversation. SP Vikas Kumar and Inspector Manish Sharma took about three months to fetch truth of code words.

Investigating team came to know that Indira will leave for Dewas on June 1 and will go to Shiva Temple at Nemavar in the coastal region of Narmada river. He informed his officers in code words that ‘crocodile is out of river’ means that Indira has left for Dewas. Under the leadership of SP Vikas Kumar, a group of ATS officers reached the Shiv Mandir at Nemawar on the Narmada coast and found that Indira was busy in performing some pooja. Indira Vishnoi was taken into custody.

Interestingly, after five years in the infamous Bhanvari Devi episode, the mastermind Indira Vishnoi, who was arrested by the CBI with the help of ATS, has denied all allegations against her in the inquiry so far. A CBI officer from Delhi questioned her. Indira said, “neither she nor any of her brothers have a role in the murder. According to sources, Bhanwari had made the porn CD of the then Water Minister Mahipal Maderna, on whose foot she was blackmailing Maderna. To get rid of him, Maderna allegdly murdered her. It is also a fact that Indira’s brother Malkhan Singh had relations with Bhanwari and he has a daughter too. Indira had said that Bhanwari was the biggest threat to Mahipal Maderna.

During her questioning, Indira said, what is left in this case now? Even said that ‘Bhanwari is alive’. However, no one in the public and in police took it seriously. However, lawmakers say that Indira herself has come under suspicion by giving a statement of Bhanwari’s survival. His question was, ‘If Bhanwari is alive, why did he stay away for five years? Why the fear of the CBI? Sources believe that this can be a strategy to revive the Bhanwari Devi case. ‘During the remand Indira denied all allegations. She also said that her brother too has nothing to do with the case. Indira also refused to recognise Sara Ram. Jodhpur Judge PK Lohara dismissed the petition challenging the seven-day remand to her. Now, the cross examination of the CBI witnesses in the SC is also in the last round.


As per the expert

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) DNA Expert Amber B, who had to appear in the Special Court of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes on June 22, did not reach the Court. Now the Court have issued summons to Car to appear before it on July 6. The hearing on this issue will continue from July 3 to July 6. She has to appear in the Court to submit the report of burned scaltons which the police had claimed that were of Bhanwari Devi. After CFSL failed to come to any conclusion, the samples were sent to FBI. Car, expert in the agency informed the Court that DNA shows that samples were matching with that of Bhanwari Devi. She was supposed the appear before the Court on June 22, however, she could not reach. After that Court have issued summons to her to appear before the Court on July 6. The Court has also issued summons to two other persons BSNL officer HP Singhal and CBI Inspector RK Singh.