Abki baar, non-corrupt Sarkar, Really?


INDIA ELECTIONSBefore you jump into a long discussion on corrupt and non-corrupt politicians, let me admit – mene bol to diya but even I doubt my own heading. Par kya karein, ‘Think Always Positive’ ka lesson jo liya hua hai. But this must be my height of positivity — a non-corrupt Sarkar- really?

State Assembly Elections are over but the anxiety behind the voting still remains intact. You don’t believe me, right? Then why on earth, time and again I keep finding Ankit at my door.

“I voted for Samajwadi Party-Congress, you know,” said Ankit who recently came back from Uttar Pradesh and was devastated when BJP won with such a thumping majority.

Me: Oh Really!

Ankit: I still don’t believe how can BJP clinch 325 seats in a house of 403? I know many people who did not vote for BJP and were sure that Samajwadi Party would come back to power.

Me: That’s OK Ankit, it happens

Ankit: That’s not acceptable.

He dictated. And that was a clear indication that he was going to stay at least one more hour at my home, which meant today again I would have to offer him four cups of tea and which also meant that he would definitely as about my next column. By all means, I was doomed today.

You know there is a very nice library in Connaught Place, I deliberately changed the subject hoping that change of topic will change the tenure of his stay at my home.

Ankit: What library? Wahi purani books with torn cover pages.

Thank God! at least he has accepted the new topic, I thought.

Me: It’s all revamped. New technology has been installed to issue books. Everything is online now. A fair practice. You must visit it sometime.

Ankit: New technology? Then I can very well assume what fair functioning I can get from it. Don’t you know the alleged scam of Electronic Voting Machines?

Me: Library has nothing to do with EVMs, you must…

Ankit: There was a huge discrepancy in votes this time. Else how do you think BJP performed so well. Huh? Everywhere there is corruption, from beginning to end.

And here he was, back on his own political track while chopping my sincere words.

By the way, why have you put so much sugar in the tea, he adds, after sipping the first sip from his first cup of tea.

“Just to add seasoning to your distasteful words, you fool,” I yelled from inside

And why shouldn’t I be feeling awful in his presence? This was the 596412th time, I was made a participant in the EVM failure discussion. Especially post Assembly Election 2017 results, people have gone crazy as they didn’t get the expected results.

BJP’s win in Uttar Pradesh and Congress’s win in Punjab have made Mayawati and Arvind Kejriwal raise their eyebrows over the credibility of Electronic Voting Machines

Ballot System or EVM, we find a problem in everything?Why can’t we accept the results?

The list of leaders blaming the EVMs for their electoral loss has been growing with each passing day. In all these circumstances, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) even demanded that the upcoming Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Polls should be conducted via ballot papers.

Mujhe koi ek baat btao, whether Ballot System or EVM, we find a problem in everything? Why on earth we can’t be satisfied and accept the outcome of election results. The unexpected result has shocked people, theek hai but it doesn’t mean you barge into other’s house and grumble about all types of technologies. And by the way, this is not the first time people are complaining about this electronic voting system.

In 2004, advocate Pran Nath Lekhi had alleged that EVMs were tampered with to favour the UPA government. But the petition was rejected as the High Court didn’t find any merit to it.

In 2005, the Karnataka High Court said that the use of EVMs was a “great achievement.”

However, from time to time doubts have been raised over the EVMs with recent allegations by Bahujan Samaj Party’s Mayawati, Congress’ Harish Rawat and AAP’s Kejriwal. They all have blamed Electronic Voting Machines for their loss in the 2017 Assembly elections.

The dissatisfaction against EVMs has been witnessed by many other countries. Many nations like Ireland, Venezuela, Ukraine, Germany, Macedonia, Netherlands and Italy to name a few, have abandoned this method

“By the way, what are you writing on this time?” shouted Ankit as I had pinned my eyes into my laptop pretending my busy-ness.

“It’s health this time, you know people falling sick due to change of season,” I lied as flashing my original title to him meant another hot political debate. This fake non-political topic would safeguard me against Ankit’s non-stop chatter, at least this time, I thought.

“What? Change of season? What about if you write on change of government.” and he continued…

As the uproar against EVMs has reached a height, Election Commission has decided to use Ballot System in the next polls. EP has hired Yashica Jalhotra as the Chief Paper Cutting Officer wherein her main KRA would be to cut small  and equal pieces of paper and serve the country. Congratulate her for her new job at  [email protected]