AAP to pay Rs 10 lakh compensation to Gajendra Singh’s family

AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressing at the ” Kisan Rally.”

After facing the heat from all quarters  the Aam Aadmi Party in an apparent damage control ,  announced that it will pay Rs 10 lakh compensation to the kin of deceased farmer Gajendra Singh. It may be recalled that in a  shocking incident in the full glare of the public farmer from Rajasthan,  Gajendra committed suicide   by hanging during the Aam Aadmi Party protest rally against the land bill in Jantar Mantar of the National Capital.

The AAP government blames the Delhi police for not intervening despite repeated appeals from the party leaders. Announcing the compensation, AAP leader Sanjay Singh told reporters that his party volunteers tried but failed to save the farmer after he hanged himself by wrapping towel on his neck on a tree.

“The truth of what happened (yesterday) is captured on your cameras,” Sanjay Singh said, adding, “The way the police acted was insensitive and incompetent.” He further states that Delhi police were much to be blame for the death.

Meanwhile, an FIR registered by Delhi Police said leaders and workers of AAP had instigated Gajendra Singh to commit suicide; hence they should be acted upon. Further, fire brigade vehicles were prevented from reaching the spot.

SS Yadav, as per FIR registered, was the inspector on duty at the rally venue. “I informed the control room on wireless and asked AAP workers and others to climb up the tree and rescue Gajendra. We asked AAP workers to help the person and also to make way for the rescue vehicle. They continued to say that police was against AAP and is not allowing us to go ahead with our rally,” Yadav is quoted as saying in the FIR.

Gajendra Singh, father of three, a resident of Dausa district of Rajathan, was attending the AAP’s farmer rally in New Delhi. Attired with white dhoti and a broom on his hand, Gajendra Singh climbed a tree and killed self by hanging himself as Delhi chief minister Kejriwal was addressing.


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