AAP rebel Prashant Bhushan calls disciplinary committee illegal

Prashant Bhushan
Prashant Bhushan responds to show-caused notice issued to him by the party’s national disciplinary committee.  Photo: Shailendra Pandey

In a response to the show-cause notice, rebel Aam Aadmi Party leader Prashant Bhushan, pointing on the party’s national disciplinary committee, said he wasn’t aware as to who constituted the committee and when and how it was done. He further added that merely expressing a different opinion cannot be treated as a violation of code of conduct.

Bhushan also called the disciplinary committee illegal and said its members, Pankaj Gupta and Ashish Khetan, had made serious allegations against him and Yogendra  Yadav.

In a reply to AAP Secretary Pankaj Gupta, Bhushan said, “It’s remarkable and ironic that you (Pankaj Gupta) along with Ashish Khetan and Dinesh Vaghela have sent this notice to us, styling yourself as the “National Disciplinary Committee”. I am not aware as to who has constituted this as the National Disciplinary Committee and when and how this was done.”

“Members, other than office bearers shall be free to express their opinion within and outside the party, unless there is a specific direction to the contrary by the party for a specific period. Mere expression of a difference of opinion will not be considered as violation of the code of conduct unless it violates the objectives of the party. You now want to become judges of your own cause,” he added.

Alleging the National Executive, Bhushan said, all of these purported decisions taken since the National Council meeting are illegal since the constitution of the National Executive itself has been illegal since the National Council meeting.”

Meanwhile, AAP leader Ashutosh, shortly after Bhushan’s reply, tweeted, “Before reply reaches to Disciplinary committee, it reaches to all the channels, this is their commitment and resolve to respect institutions.”


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