AAP innovation : To launch manifesto tracker to get public feedback on its government



The AAP government is mulling the launch of an online ‘manifesto tracker’ which will allow it to obtain feedback from the people about its performance vis-a-vis the promises made by the party ahead of Delhi Assembly polls.

A senior official informed the media about the likely  plan on the cards, if everything proceeds as per the plan, the manifesto tracker may be launched by the end of this year. “In order to create such a platform, the government is collaborating with Stanford University,” the official also said. The online tracker will help people to update and rate the government on the parameters of how much it has succeeded in delivering on its key poll promises.

The online tracker will allow the people of Delhi to rate the AAP government’s success in delivering on its key election promises. The official said that the tracker will ensure that the AAP government is held accountable on the question of its poll promises. It will also let people know about the status of the various projects that are being undertaken by the Arvind Kejriwal government.


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