AAP fight: Rebel leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan rule out a new party

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Rebel AAP leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have ruled out forming a new party. Speaking on the occasion of Swaraj Samwad both the leaders vowed to fight the crisis from within the party. “The party has comprised on its principles after coming to power. They have refused to come under the ambit of RTI as well. But it is not a ‘chaar aadmi party’ (four men party). We have all worked hard for the success of AAP. We will not leave the party and continue with the Swaraj Samwad across the country,” said Bhushan.On the other hand, Yogendra Yadav said that forming a new party is the easiest way out. “There are already over 1,000 political parties in India. It’s not difficult to form a new party. But we don’t want to take the easiest route. It’s not the time to create a new political outfit, but start the struggle for clean and alternative politics in the country,” said Yadav.
Yadav and Bhushan were expelled from the National Executive of the party last month for allegedly indulging in anti party activities during the recently held Delhi assembly polls.While the speculations of new party have been laid to rest, the Swaraj Samwad is sure to split the party in two camps. The Delhi unit of the party is with Kejriwal camp, whereas some of the state chapters including Maharashtra, Karnataka are backing Yadav-Bhushan. The rebel leaders had invited all AAP MLAs and Parliamentarians for the Swaraj Samwad but the party high command had warned of strict action against those who attended the event.
However defying the party orders, Timarpur MLA Pankaj Pushkar attended the Samwad while Patiala MP Dharamvir Gandhi sent his message over video conferencing.The rebel leaders also announced to organise Swaraj Samwad across the country to find solution for the problems plaguing the party. The announcement is sure to create rift in the party units.  Meanwhile, both the rebel leaders also reiterated that the differences can be resolved by holding intra party dialogue.


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