Aamir Khan slams AIB Roast Yet Again



Aamir Khan

The storm over AIB roast is still brewing. The show that set tongues wagging with some borderline and below-the-belt remarks, involving Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor , Ranveer Singh , director Karan Johar has attracted the criticism of Aamir Khan too.

Khan had said he was greatly affected by the show because he felt it was ‘violent’ in nature and we as celebrities should show some restraint when it comes to verbal violence. Earlier after responding to the show, Aamir was panned by some social media enthusiasts and some self-styled moralists . However not to be cowed down, the ‘PK’ actor has spoken yet again and explained his angst against the controversial show.

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror he said, “I respect everyone’s opinion. For me freedom of speech and expression is an important right and should be protected at all costs. But I also feel that freedom comes with responsibility which should be self-exercised.”

“I know if you sign up for the Roast then you stand to get insulted. But, in this case, even those who hadn’t signed up were also put in an uncomfortable position. Farida Jalal, Reema Lagoo and a beautiful, young girl I love dearly were not spared as well.”

“The young girl, whom I knew as a kid, was also a target of racist and sexist jokes. She was not aware of the fact that a live audience was watching this and couldn’t protect herself. That is unfair! This is what I meant when I described the show as “violent”. Films which depict violence are fictional but this young girl is real. So my reaction was more emotional than moralistic.”


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