A video message to Kejriwal to resolve religious discrimination



In a video message to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, a visually impaired Delhi University professor has alleged she was denied rented accommodation in Delhi on grounds that she is a Muslim.

Reem Shamsudeen, an assistant professor, English in a DU college, has said she has faced bias on the basis of religion.

The video message, which was posted on YouTube, has started a campaign #Justice4Reem on Social Media.

Reem, 30, who hails from Kerala, says, “When I arrived in Delhi last February, the place was booming with the promise of how AAP will change the city. Now you have become a CM; how will AAP deal with discrimination and other issues.”

“Here I would like to bring to your notice after summer vacation when I joined the college I got a rented flat and paid the advance. The day I was supposed to move in, the landlord refused to give me the key saying she won’t rent flat to a Muslim. Of course, it was shocking considering Delhi boasts of a cosmopolitan face,” she said.

“If I have to face this bias, what about those students who come here to study from across India. I believe the Delhi you promised has place for one and all — be it a Bihari, Bengali, Malayali, Manipuri, Kashmiri, Goan, black, white, man, woman, transgender, gay, blind, deaf, homeless,” she said.

Reem urged the chief minister to look into the issue soon so that those who come here to styudy do not face a “shameful” and “inhuman” experience. I urge you our dear ‘panch saal’ chief minister to look into the issue.”


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