A Sunny Era: How Sunny Leone is sending men’s fantasies into a tizzy



I remember the time when the Mahesh Bhatt produced Murder had come out. The Bhatt camp, then known for pushing the envelope, had delivered a master stroke through the super-hot Mallika Sherawat.

Stripped to her bare essentials, Mallika Sherawat was a path breaking event for Bollywood. Apart from French kissing co-stars left, right and center, Sherawat sizzled on screen in some very memorable clothes. When I look back, I recall how the boys in my class had two specific traits, thanks to Sherawat. One was them carrying their camera phones like some new-born ‘mard’  and the second was them going over to shady corners to gush over Sherawat’s  bikini escapades.

Today, the scene has gone through a massive change.  Mallika Sherawat has been given a run for her money ever since Sherlyn Chopra, Poonam  Pandey and wait-for-it, Sunny Leone appeared with much more titillating acts. While Chopra and Pandey struggled hard to win over the fans, the jackpot was for Leone to claim.

She is invincible presently. No other woman has managed to send the middle-class man’s fantasy to such a tizzy in a very long time. The story of Ek Paheli Leela, is not a point of discussion at all. I mean, you do not go and watch a movie starring Sunny Leone expecting a solid plot. So, dear viewers, two and a half hours of Ek Paheli Leela is all about Leone dressed in various gravity-defying bosom revealing outfits. It is also about outfits showing as far as it could go in terms of legs. Then, it is about the navel shots. In between all of this, we get to see men named a, b, c (irrelevant because you won’t remember them anyway) drool over Leone. FYI, it is a reincarnation tale so you also get to see crap about good vs evil vs Leone.

Though I realize why Leone is capable of carrying an entire movie on her own, sometimes, I feel that this popularity might fade out soon. Imagination can always be stretched and soon, another Leone or Sherawat could appear to break the male fantasy once again.

Till then, Sunny Leone, ride on the wave and keep hitting it high.


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