A Sublime Song

Lata Mangeshkar
Lata Mangeshkar
Age: 79
Profession: Legendary singer
Quote: ‘Why do you want to write about me? There’s nothing special about singing at my age’ Photo: AP

THE LEGENDARY Lata Mangeshkar is perhaps as famous for her reclusive nature as for her mesmerising voice. Over the years, she has carefully cordoned herself off from the public eye and subsumed herself in her songs, lending a characteristic purity to her sur. “Every song she sings is like a conversation with God,” points out Suresh Wadkar. Inside the studio, however, the celebrated voice still gets nervous about every new song. “Despite her seniority, the anxiety never subsides for Lataji,” notes Shankar Mahadevan. She might shy away from the public eye, but it is the adoration of her fans that keeps her from retiring.


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