A Gun At Every Turn


The Plot
Partner agents escape captivity; one is killed in another undercover operation in Russia but manages to leave a message hinting at a terrorist conspiracy. The other, Agent Vinod, takes over the mission. Complicated travel plans, awesome wardrobe changes and a whole bunch of hi-tech supervillains show up across Morocco, Karachi and New Delhi, where no spy/ terrorist, except for Agent Vinod, has any kind of resolve or integrity. In Morocco, he meets Dr Ruby aka Iram (Kareena Kapoor), who was responsible for the London blasts, and is involved in this conspiracy as well. That, and other things you’re willing to believe-fornow because the movie stays on its feet and the supporting cast delivers.

By Mona J

Agent Vinod
Agent Vinod

-10 Because Agent Vinod is MI-2’s stunts unlimited Ethan Hunt with Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes’ repartee. Plus two to Sin City-esque opening credits. Plus six to that action-packed cold open and Ravi Kissen.

+8 To Ram Kapoor for his powerful bully of a Russian mafia don act. Plus three to Prem Chopra for still rocking it. Minus eight to Kareena because she did not help. At all. Except for that red dress. Sigh.

-6 To The Song Set In A Russian Club, in Hindi, using Boney M’s Rasputin tune. Very bleh in this attempt at cool. Minus 10 to all the songs. Too much pop masala.

+10 To Adil Hussain As Colonel. Cold, suave and calculated. Plus three to the muscular hottie who brings the nuke to Delhi.

-4 To Saif’s Dealer Chops. For a super agent about to pull a card trick, the cards don’t fall that well. Actually, let’s cut another 10 for that entire sequence, very wannabe cool.

Stills from the movie Agent Vinod
Stills from the movie Agent Vinod

+4 To A Well-Written Interrogation Scene. Except with every punchline, Saif slips back to being himself and then has to become Vinod again.

+10 To The Most Kick-Ass Sniper Scene in Bollywood history. And plus 10 to all the gun fight scenes in the movie. Minus five to the background score for not living up to the visual thrills.

-4 To The Bonding Over Life Confessions Scenebetween Vinod and Iram. It just comes across as funny in the middle of this well-paced (plus 10 to Sriram Raghavan), super-long (minus six to him again), action thriller.

+8 To The Climax, Very Brave And Pretty Vigilante. Although Amitabh Bachchan used the trick first inKohram, same dialogue even. Minus five for that.



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