A food festival to suit all palates


delhi food festivalSomeone once said that the best way to experience the soul of a destination is through its food. That is exactly what NDMC’s Palate Fest 2015, which was held in the undulating, verdant greens of Nehru Park, New Delhi, from 13-15 March, aimed to do. Billed as one of India’s best culinary events — it proved to be an all-encompassing food festival, where visitors had access to cookery classes and workshops, an array of delicious food stalls and pop-up restaurant areas.

With more than 40 brands offering special tasting menus and signature dishes, there was a line-up of entertainment events too. The brainchild of Aditi Kapoor and Ruchi Sibal, founders and directors of Palate Fest, the food festival was organised in association with New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). Over 15 leading cafes participated in the event, with a market square showcasing 30 market stalls-cum-‘shoplets’ for Indian and international gourmet products and ingredients.

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NDMC Palate Mini 2015 accorded Delhi’s food lovers the chance to experience its most happening and popular eateries, that whipped up some lip-smacking preparations. The three-day event spread, over the weekend, at Nehru Park was a miniature version of the civic body’s debut Palate Festival, a grand affair held in November 2014. Festival founders Ruchi Bansal and Aditi Kapoor credited the inception of the mini food festival to the “huge success and encoring demand” for the parent fest. “There was a lot of demand and it seems people just couldn’t wait for an entire year to please their taste buds (again). Since it was not possible to organise another food festival on such a huge scale in such a short span of time, we decided to come up with this mini fest,” says Kapoor.

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“This too, like the Palate, was an all-encompassing festival, that invited people to come out in the sun and indulge in a plethora of delicacies. But, desserts were certainly the main attraction,” says Bansal. As if on cue, what took the cake, literally, was the array of sweet offerings such as apple pies, waffles, cupcakes, authentic gelatos and ice-creams. The participating restaurants in NDMC Palate Mini 2015 included Punjab Grill Café, Leela Delhi, Smokey’s, Hyderabad Café, Fat Lulu’s Pizza and Elma’s Kitchen, among others. Among the market vendors were the likes of Zu Tisch, Honest Juices, Barista, Azote Nitrogen ice-creams, Kitchen Secrets, Wafflesome and Koyla Kebab, and a host of others.


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