70 schoolgirls stripped as warden wanted to check them for menstrual blood


schoolThe state government on March 31 ordered an investigation to find out the truth of the allegations that the principal of a Muzaffarnagar residential school forced 70 schoolgirls to strip as she wanted to check their menstrual blood.

The incident took place at the Kasturba Gandhi Residential School in Digri village on March 30, said the girls’ parents in a police complaint.

The inspection by the warden came about after she spotted some blood stains on the bathroom floor. Surekha Tomar, the principal who doubled up as the school’s hostel warden, had apparently threatened the girls if they did not obey her command.

Her contract was immediately suspended.

As per the students, they were called from the hostel and Tomar ordered them to strip saying she will beat them if the girls did not remove their clothes. It was all very humiliating.

The angry girl students said that they would be satisfied only if strict action is taken against Tomar.

Denying the allegations, Tomar, however, said “All this is a conspiracy. They don’t want me here. I was told to check whether the staff were performing their duties. I am strict, that is why they hate me.”

The incident once again highlights the society’s biased behaviour against menstrual blood and how it is used as a tool to exploit women. Recently, Kerala Congress leader MM Hassan said menstruating women should not enter temples as they are ‘impure’ during that time He later said that it was his personal opinion.