5 wounded as gunman fires on anti-Trump protesters in Seattle


usaFive persons were grievously injured, one of them critically, when a gunman opened fire in Seattle on November 8 night after some people talked about the shock victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections.

The shooting was due to an altercation between the gunman and a group of people near the site of an anti-Trump protest. In anger, the gunman moved away from the site and turned suddenly and shot into the frenzied crowd.

Four men and one woman, including one suffering from life threatening wounds, were taken to Harborview Medical Centre for treatment, said media reports.

Anti-Trump protests

Thousands of Americans gathered outside the Trump Tower in Chicago and New York on November 9 to protest against the president-elect Donald Trump.

Notable among the protesters was Lady Gaga, a Hillary Clinton supporter. She held a sign “love trumps hate” board during the anti-Trump protest.

Anti-Trump protestors in New York and students of American University in Washington DC burned the American flag protesting against shock win of Trump in the recently concluded presidential elections.

protest against Trump

All the while Democrat candidate Clinton, who lost against Trump in the race to White House, said Trump should be given a chance. He is “our President and we should support him to take US in the right direction.”

Thousands of people were literally in a shock. The shock also reverberated across the world with many heads of the state in a stupor over Trump’s win as the 45th US President.

Similar protests were also noted in California, Connecticut, San Francisco, Atlanta; Austin, Texas, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Richmond, Oregon, Oakland, Chicago, Denver, Virginia, Boston, Kansas City Omaha and Nebraska, in short, nearly the entire country, said media reports .

Worry lines

Following Trump’s controversial remarks against Muslims, the general mood among Muslims following Trump’s win on November 8 in the US is one of fear. The Muslims in the US worry they might go through bullying, while women fear wearing head scarves, when they go outside their residence. Some others fear that witch hunting might become the norm, just as it was following the terror attack on World Trade Centre towers.

As per media reports, 3.3 million Muslims are living in the United States, around one per cent of the total population.