Being You: 5 beliefs you need to unlearn right away


52Before I move forward in this column let me tell you that I have already called for Z security protection and you may also need to order some helmets, shields etc to safeguard yourself. Itni pitai hone wali hai (from parents, social jathedars, teachers and who knows from Shiv Sena bhagats also, after all whenever we rebel, they compel). By the way, only those who are going to follow the advice written in this column need protection, rest can take rest.

Though I have vowed not to write on any topic which may call for any rebellious action against society or norms but the recent few interactions with my friends and people around me have forced me to break my own promise.

A friend just called me and told his horrid exam story. Then one of my readers dropped me a mail and requested to write on how to handle over expectations from others. Like it was not sufficient to start with my article, my neighour reinforced that destiny is pre-written. “Sab yaha likha he madam” she said while showing her both hands. Though, I am yet to decipher whether she tried to show her mehandi design to me or was she hinting towards her palm lines. Keep in mind that this quirky behavior is not limited to a particular kind of people. You will find these traits in people everywhere around you. You may find these morons at your home also.

Now, if you think I will save you from them, then let me admit to you right now that I won’t and that’s the reason I warned you earlier to order helmets. Forgot?

If you are still not sure about whom I am talking about, then let me ask you if there is anybody in your family who keeps on telling you to work hard? Is there anyone in your circle who has a strong belief that its tough to earn money? We, human beings have been so much conditioned by the society that we tend to forget that nobody will gain anything if you keep on sacrificing on your desires. The most important thing in your life is to maintain your happiness with ease and comfort for which you need to unlearn the following 5 things immediately:

1 You need to work hard

Haven’t all throughout your life your mother has told you to study hard, work hard.No? Then must be your teacher or your elder sister. But the hard you worked the harder it became. Isn’t it? Because the universe kept on giving you back the same. Believe that ‘Everything is Easy’ and see what difference it will make in your life.

2 It’s tough to earn money

It is not tough to earn money. It is again a roadblock which has been created by our society. Remove it from your memory and tell yourself nothing is tough to earn. You can and you will earn a lot of money.

3 Your life is predestined

Your destiny is written. Now you are doomed! Is it? No, you are not. You are the creator of your own destiny. Make it or fake it — its your choice.

4 Being selfish is bad

Stop listening to those who make faces whenever you smile. You are born to be happy and if you are becoming selfish for your happiness, let it be.

5 What will people say

People will say whatever they want to say but why you need to be bothered about it at all? It’s not your job to think about people. If you want to rise above average then stop this thought at once.

Yashica Jalhotra is doubtful about her future because her religious scriptures tell her that she must go through the pain as pre-written in her destiny because of karma. Console her at [email protected]