60 cadets killed, 118 hurt in terrorist attack on police academy in Quetta


Security personnel

More than 60 police cadets were killed and 118 injured in an overnight attack by militants on a police training academy in Quetta City, making it by far one of the deadliest attacks in Pakistan this year.

The target of the terrorists was the Balochistan Police College in Quetta. The attack began at around 11.10pm on October 24 night, as per media reports.

According to media reports, three terrorists, wearing explosive vests, attacked the compound. The terrorists first attacked the watch tower sentry, and could enter the grounds only after killing him.

While two terrorists blew themselves up, one was killed by the security forces. All three were wearing explosive vests. The three terrorists were believed to be from the Al-Alimi faction of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militant group affiliated with the Pakistan Taliban. The group itself has not claimed responsibility. The terrorists were apparently communicating with their handlers in Afghanistan, media reports said.

At the time of the attack, the police academy housed some 700 cadets. When the counter-offensive began, a barrier was set up by security personnel, who lost 20 of them in the exchange of fire with the terrorists. The entire area was plunged into darkness, while military choppers circled overhead.

A man who identified himself as a police cadet said that he saw three men whose faces were hidden carrying Kalashnikovs, who began firing left and right upon entering the compound.

It may be noted Balochistan is weighed down by Islamist violence, sectarian trouble, and separatist insurgency. International rights groups alleged that the army violated human rights in the region.