4 Indians kidnapped by ISIS militants in Libya




In a daring kidnapping in Libya . Four Indians have been kidnapped in Libya. All four abducted Indians were teaching in Tripoli in Libya. They were abducted in Sirte. The ministry of external affairs to trying to ascertain more information about kidnapped Indian teachers.

This kidnapping brings back the mystery as to who kidnapped  over 39 Indians in Mosul town of Iraq by ISIS militants over a year ago.

A rattled an caught off- guard  the Union minister of state for external affairs V K Singh said government was in “close and regular” contact with relevant Iraqi government authorities to obtain information on their whereabouts and safety.

The exact area of the abduction is Sirte town near Tripoli where abductions have taken place in the past as well. This is considered to be a strong hold of the ISIS and the Indian government had issued an advisory to all Indians to return.

The government officials are in touch with the authorities are making attempts to secure the release of the Indians who are said to be teachers. The Indian government has also not received any ransom demand‎.


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