29 killed, over 70 hurt in Mexican fireworks market explosion


tultepec-mexicoAround 29 persons were killed and more than 70 others injured when an explosion gutted in San Palito fireworks market on December 20 in Tultepec, a suburb of Mexico City.

The market was packed with customers busy purchasing fireworks for the Christmas and New Year parties ahead. More than 300 stalls at the market were destroyed in the fire an 300 tonne of fireworks had exploded.

In a tweet, the police said the 70 people who were hurt, were transported to emergency rooms. As many as 35 fire tenders and 70 volunteers were pressed into service immediately to rescue and provide medical help to survivors. The fire tenders struggled for around three hours to bring the raging fire under control.

Some 13 children suffered more than 90 per cent burns and were sent to the Galveston in Texas for treatment. Those responsible for the incident would be punished, said an official.

Homes and vehicles nearby the burnt market were also damaged. In some areas, the authorities were probing for survivors.

Those searching for their family and friends shouted to rescuers about where they hoped their missing ones might be located.

The military, which issues fireworks sales permits, was deployed at the spot to assist in shifting the casualties to nearby hospitals.

Ambulances, fire trucks, police vehicles and army trucks all crowded the sprawling blast area.

The cause for the explosion is under investigation.