Microsoft yet to launch Windows 10 with voice-activated assistant in India



For those of you hoping to use Microsoft’s voice-activated digital assistant in Windows 10, here’s some bad news. You will have to wait. Microsoft is updating the software with “strong local content”, according to Microsoft India Director (Windows Business Group) Vineet Durani.

Microsoft, which unveiled its much-awaited Windows 10 operating system globally and in-built Cortana 30 July, has held back from launching the Siri rival in India.

“Cortana will be made available to Insiders (developers with Microsoft) in the coming weeks and to its consumers,” Durani said. People can use the virtual assistant to find data, track information and set reminders among others.

“Cortana isn’t just an assistant. It understands the context and answers accordingly. It is not just about understanding accents. So, there is a strong localisation that needs to be done,” he said.

Microsoft launched the Windows 10 across 190 countries globally. Available as a free upgrade for existing users of Windows 7 and 8.1, the new system is part of Microsoft’s attempts to compete with rivals such as Apple and Google.

An estimated 1.5 billion machines run Windows and Apple’s iOSwhikle and said Google’s Android-based smartphones and tablets have emerged as strong competition to the Redmond-based firm. 

“Microsoft is presenting not just an OS, but an experience. There is a fundamental shift in the design and user interface. It will help IT leaders work in a better manner as there will be seamless syncing across devices,” Principal research analyst Vishal said. He added it still needs to be seen whether Microsoft can move pirated software users to original software.

“Also, enterprise customers may have to wait a bit before transitioning to Windows 10 as support for previous generation is still available. Its not only about the OS which is a concern for organizations it’s also about security, compatibility and manageability so many of them will adopt wait and watch strategy,” Tripathi said.

Organisations would need to spend efforts, time and money to test the compatibility with other software as well, he added.


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