2 women say Trump groped & kissed them, his office files legal notice


donald trumpTwo women have alleged Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump of touching them improperly some years ago, according to US media reports.

It may be mentioned here that during his debate with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on October 9 , the billionaire was asked if he had kissed women sans permission or grabbed their genitals, to which he replied, “No… I haven’t”.

Former businesswoman Jessica Leeds said Trump groped her on a flight 30 years ago as they sat next to each other in first class. She was 38 then.

Another women, Rachel Crooks was a receptionist then at a real estate company in Trump Tower in 2005 when she had a brush with Trump outside a lift in the building one morning. She said that he started by kissing her on the cheek and later kissed here on the mouth.

Later, the billionaire asked for her phone number. When she asked why he wanted it, he said he was going to pass it along to his modeling agency, but it never contacted her, she added.

Trump’s office sent a legal notice against the newspaper for publishing the defamatory article in which two women claimed that the Republican presidential nominee touched them inappropriately.

Calling it character assassination, the Trump campaign in a statement denied the media reports. To reach back decades to smear Trump campaign sets a new low for the media.

Trump alleged the mainstream media is an extension of the rival Hillary Clinton campaign. “WikiLeaks shows something I’ve been warning about for a very long time. The media is an extension of the Clinton campaign,” Trump told his supporters in Florida.