1997 Uphaar Fire Tragedy Case: SC Upholds Conviction Of Ansal Brothers


upharNew Delhi, Mar 5 (PTI): The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the conviction of Gopal and Sushil Ansal in 1997 Uphaar fire tragedy case.

The Supreme Court deferred decision on quantum of sentence to Ansal brothers. The court has transferred the case to a three-judge bench.

“Ansals were more concerned about making money than ensuring safety of cinemagoers,” the court said.

Earlier, the high court had reduced their sentence from two years to one year whereas the CBI and victims of the fire tragedy have demanded that the Ansals be convicted under more stringent sections.

A total of 59 people died and 100 were injured when there was a fire at Uphaar cinema hall, in the heart of south Delhi, while a film was being screened on the evening of June 13, 1997. The fire started in the parking lot and then engulfed the building in the busy Green Park area – most people died in the ensuing stampede or were asphyxiated.

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