1,935 Indians rescued by the IAF from Nepal after earthquake


Nepal - 1As rescue operations continue in Nepal, the Indian government has prepared IAF-operated flights to bring stranded Indians back from the earthquake-struck country.

A total of 1,935 Indians have been rescued so far, with more flight ready to launch today. The government has stated that the highest priority at the moment is rescue and relief work.

Director General of National Disaster Response Force OP Singh offered some details on the rescue operation: “I came to Kathmandu on Sunday. There are two important developments that took place, first the earthquake and the second was the incessant rain in the night. Because of these, people came out on the road and they did not sleep in their house and because of rain our night operations got affected for search and rescue. We are deployed all over the places. The most concentrated area is Lalitpur and NDRF is working there day in and day out. We are keeping 1 team of NDRF for evacuating people of Indian origin and the Indian tourists back home. This is one requirement NDRF team felt they should support.”

At a joint press conference, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar had said “I underline that rapid rescue and relief is our primary mission in Nepal. Situation in Nepal is very, very serious.”

The Indian government will be sending officials to Nepal to assess and aid with the situation.

Meanwhile, many mountaineers continue to wait for their rescue at an Everest camp. Bad weather has hampered rescue efforts in the area.



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