UPDATE: Shooter of 18 year old in Bengaluru college arrested


dead man

Update: Bengaluru police have arrested the 41 year old killer Mahesh after discovering him in a relative’s house in Byatarayanapura.


Gauthami, an 18-year-old girl who was in her second year of pre-university studies at Pragathi Residential School, was shot dead by an office boy on the residential school grounds. A friend of hers was also wounded when a bullet brushed past her ear as the attacker aimed at Gauthami. The incident occurred last night at the educational institution’s premises near Whitefield in Bangalore.

The 41-year-old suspect, named Mahesh, is on the run. Police suspect that the incident is a result of spurned advances. Mahesh is said to be a resident of the district Tumakuru. He used a gun manufactured locally for the attack. One hit Gauthami in the mouth while the other killed her instantly by hitting her in the head.

Officials were quick to arrive at the scene. The police have formed three investigative units for the case and the surrounding area has been cordoned off.


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