11 situations when rape is okay


Bizarre justifications over the years

Compiled by Yamini Deenadayalan

1. When there is sex education and/or ‘rejuvenating oils’ 
“A market of aphrodisiacs and rejuvenating oils, obscene literature and sleazy movies has turned men into sex-starved animals,’ she said. She feels publications on sex education are too provocative.”

Justice D Sreedevi
Kerala Women’s Commission Chairperson, on the incidents of minors raped in the state
July 2011

2. When you want to re-enact kinky movies 
“The (Women’s) Commission, Kerala, gets several complaints from women forced into sexual perversions by husbands who want to replicate movie scenes. When the wives resist such attempts, the men often target minor girls within the house or elsewhere.”

Justice D Sreedevi
Kerala Women’s Commission Chairperson, commenting on the cases of rape in Kerala
July 2011

3. When you watch Thai and Korean films 
“Korean and Thai video films in circulation in the state are full of sex and crime, and this has had a direct impact on young people. We have asked the police to stop such circulation.”

Hukheli T Watsa
President of the Naga Women’s Hoho, on the increasing number of crimes against women.
July 2011

4. When the rapist is a male foreign hand 
“The growth of tourism, too, has led to cases of abuse, pointing out that many foreign tourists have been involved.”

K Ajitha
Social activist, on the rape of minors in Kerala
July 2011

5. When the victim is a female foreign hand
“The Russian woman shouldn’t have been out at night.”

Digambar Kamat
Goa Chief Minister, on the incident of rape of a Russian tourist


6. When the ‘foreign hand’ wears bikinis 
“You can’t blame the locals, they have never seen such women. Foreign tourists must maintain a certain degree of modesty in their clothing. Walking on the beaches half-naked is bound to titillate the senses.”

Pamela Mascarhenas
Goa’s Deputy Director of Tourism, on the rape of a nine-year old girl
February 2010

7. When the foreign Hand wants to spoil India’s reputation 
“The Scarlett case spoiled Goa’s name in the past, although the young lady herself invited the alleged offences against her, ultimately resulting in her tragic death in the middle of the night.”

Shantaram Naik
Goa Congress MP, in the Rajya Sabha
December 2009


8. When you are in Delhi at night and/or do not have a brother 

“You cannot drive alone at 2 am on Delhi’s roads and then claim that the Capital is unsafe. You should take your brother or driver with you. These reasonable precautions are expected to be taken by all citizens of the city.”

BK Gupta
Delhi Police Commissioner, on the increasing number of rape cases
July 2011

9. When your underwear is visible 
“There seems to be a competition among youngsters to show their undergarments in the name of ‘below- waist’ fashion. If a man is incited by such clothes, who can one blame?”

The Shiv Sena mouthpiece drew a moral code of conduct for youngsters in an editorial following the rape of a 16-year old by a police constable in Mumbai
June 2005

10. When you are a student distracting your lecturers 
“An attire should be such that it should not be offensive or cause distraction to fellow students and lecturers.”

Vijay Khole
Vice-Chancellor of University of Bombay, after a teenager was raped by a police constable in Mumbai
June 2005


11.When you want to go to Canada and/or become a millionaire 
“You must understand the environment in Pakistan… This has become a money-making concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped.”

Pervez Musharraf
Former president of Pakistan, on the Mukhtar Mai rape case
September 2005

Yamini Deendayalan is a Features Correspondent with Tehelka.


  1. What kind of a story is this?? No, I mean really….You people should start reinventing yourselves. Appreciate and understand that you guys haven’t done anything at all over the past few years. Bad journalism and worse compilation!! Have you guys have even forgotten as to when a byline could be awarded for a write-up (I refuse to call this a story or anything remotely connected??

  2. What kind of News is this?

    When the rapist is a male foreign hand
    “The growth of tourism, too, has led to cases of abuse, pointing out that many foreign tourists have been involved.”

    How is she saying that rape is okay? I wish they taught you logical reasoning and english when you were kid. Tehelka should be sued for defaming people. SHAME.

  3. The comments above are bizarre. But your effort to contextualize them as per your headline is even more bizarre. Seems to be written by an intern and posted without any editor taking a look

  4. Stupid article by Tehelka.
    If the above personalities says to take precautions, they do not mean that you must be raped if you do not take precautions.


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