1000 incidents of environmental violations each day

Over 1000 instances of environmental violations by industries are bought to the notice of the ministry each day, Minister for Environment, Prakash Javadekar has said.
These violations are being tracked by an online monitoring system in over 1100 industrial units,spread across 17 sectors. The system installed at effluent discharge points and chimneys have been put in place to keep a tab on the way these units are affecting the environment.

“Since the online data is presently not legally accepted as evidence, we will soon move an amendment,” said Javadekar. Currently the ministry deploys its inspectors to visit the violating unit, take samples and file a report. Then cases are filed against the violators.

The online system alerts the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) , the Central Pollution Control Board, the State Pollution Control Board and the concerned company in case the discharge exceeds the permissible limit through SMS.

Particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, carbon mono-oxide are among the numerous parameters  being monitored.  The data collection is part of the ministry’s plan to monitor industries in real time. “We receive data about each unit every 15 minutes,” said Ashok Lavasa, Secretary, MoEFCC.

By March end 2280 industries under the 17 critically polluting cluster will be equipped with 24X7 monitoring systems,  Javadekar said.

So far 321 industries have been closed due to non compliance of the rules.