10 Indictments Of Narendra Modi


 JUNE 2002 The then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee reminded Narendra Modi in a letter to follow “raj dharma”. Vajpayee observed that there was “gross under-assessment of damages” to riot victims.

2 SEPTEMBER 2003 Hearing the infamous Best Bakery case, in which 14 people were burnt, the then Chief Justice VN Khare remarked, “I have no faith left in the prosecution and the Gujarat government. You have to protect people and punish the guilty. What else is raj dharma?”

3 APRIL 2004 In a damning observation on the Modi government, Justice (retd) Arijit Pasayat remarked: “The modern-day Neros were looking elsewhere when innocent children and helpless women were being burnt and were probably deliberating how the perpetrators can be saved.”

4 FEBRUARY 2006 On orders of the SC, the Gujarat HC reopened 1,594 post-Godhra riot cases and action was initiated against 41 police officers. By June 2006, over 2,000 cases were reopened.

5 OCTOBER 2007 A six-month-long investigation by TEHELKA exposed Modi’s complicity in the riots. Several rioters, senior Sangh Parivar functionaries and the state government’s special prosecutor were caught on camera revealing in detail the role played by Modi in the carnage.

6 MAY 2010 The SIT submitted a report finding Modi guilty on many counts: a communal mindset, inflammatory speeches, destruction of crucial records, appointment of Sangh Parivar members as public prosecutors, illegal positioning of ministers in police control rooms during the riots, and persecution of neutral officers.

7 JULY 2011 Amicus Curiae Raju Ramachandran recommended that Modi should be prosecuted under Sections 153A, 153B, 166 and 505 of the Indian Penal Code.

8 SEPTEMBER 2011 The SC ordered that the complaints of late Congress MP Ehsan Jafri’s wife Zakia and Citizens for Justice and Peace against Modi would be heard by a magistrate in Gujarat.

9 JANUARY 2012 Justice VM Sahai of the Gujarat HC upheld the appointment of the Lokayukta by Governor Kamala Beniwal against Modi’s wishes. Justice Sahai’s order read: “The pranks of the chief minister demonstrate the deconstruction of our democracy.”

10 FEBRUARY 2012 The Gujarat HC remarked, “The fact that the riots continued for several days itself suggests lack of appropriate action or adequate action, if not inaction, on the part of the state in handling the situation.”



  1. Wow. Such obfuscation of real happenings. For the starters, why don’t you publish the full letter of Atal Bihari to Modi instead of picking selected lines to suit your purposes?


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